18 October 2018
New Under 13's Outdoor League and Cup Competitions

The OYDG are delighted to announce that for the 2018/19 Season and onwards a new outdoor league and knockout competition are being formed to bridge the gap between the previous Under 11's/ Under 12's and the Under 15's age groups. The Graham Budge Under 13's Outdoor League will start in April next year and is expected to run over 8 weeks.  This will run alongside the new Under 11's Alfred Flett Ltd Outdoor League and the R Merriman Ltd Under 15's Outdoor League.

The three large outdoor knockout competitions will be played after the Summer holidays, at the end of August and through the month of September 2019.  The R Clouston Ltd Cup and Plate will now be for the Under 11's age group with the new Brian Kemp Knockout Cup for the Under 13's and the  Maurice Walls Cup remaining unchanged for the Under 15's. The OYDG extend a warm welcome and grateful thanks to Karen, Bobo, Stephen and Robert, family of the much loved and missed Graham Budge, and to the family of the late Brian Kemp for their continued support for youth football.

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