02 March 2017
TSB Trophy KO this Saturday

The TSB Trophy starts this Saturday at Picky with 29 primary teams competing. The format for the competition sees teams split into groups of four with Groups 1 & 2 being played this Saturday and Groups 3 & 4 the following week. The top 3 teams in each of the groups go forward to the TSB Trophy with the remaining teams competing for the Reid Crescent Shield on the final third week.

This week’s fixtures and kick-off times are as follows:

4.00pm Dales v Vikings, Knights v Hurricanes, 4.09 Strikers v Tornados, Hotspurs v Swans, 4.18 Swans v Knights, Real v Kings, 4.27 Vikings v Hurricanes, Dynamos v Serpents, 4.36 Tornados v Hotspurs, Devils v Terriers, 4.45 Strikers v Dales, Serpents v Real, 4.54 Knights v Vikings, Terriers v Dynamos, 5.03 Swans v Tornados, Whirlwinds v Devils, 5.12 Hurricanes v Strikers, Dynamos v Devils, 5.21 Hotspurs v Dales, Real v Terriers, 5.30 Tornados v Knights, Kings v Whirlwinds, 5.39 Strikers v Vikings, Devils v Serpents, 5.48 Dales v Swans, Whirlwinds v Dynamos, 5.57 Hotspurs v Hurricanes, Terriers v Kings, 6.06 Knights v Strikers, Serpents v Terriers, 6.15 Tornados v Dales, Whirlwinds v Real. 6.24 Vikings v Hotspurs, Dynamos v Kings, 6.33 Swans v Hurricanes, Real v Dynamos, 6.42 Dales v Knights, Serpents v Whirlwinds, 6.51 Hotspurs v Strikers, Kings v Devils, 7.00 Hurricanes v Tornados, Whirlwinds v Terriers, 7.09 Swans v Vikings, Kings v Serpents, 7.18 Knights v Hotspurs ,Devils v Real, 7.27 Dales v Hurricanes, Strikers v Swans, 7.36 Tornados v Vikings

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