11 March 2015
S4 & Under Hourston Indoor 4's


This Friday (13th March) sees the W Hourston Indoor 4’s for S4 & Under players taking place at Picky kicking off at 6.15pm. 10 teams will play in two groups with the two top teams in each group progressing to the semi-finals.  Games are as follows:

6.15 Dounby A v East Utd B; Dounby B v East Utd A; 6.23 Stromness B v Stromness D; Stromness A v Stromness C; 6.31 Thorfinn A v East Utd B; Thorfinn B v East Utd A; 6.39 Stromness D v Dounby A; Stromness C v Dounby B; 6.47 Thorfinn A v Stromness B; Thorfinn B v Stromness A; 6.55 East Utd A v Stromness C; East Utd B v Stromness D; 7.03 Dounby B v Thorfinn B; Dounby A v Thorfinn A; 7.11 East Utd A v Stromness A; East Utd B v Stromness B; 7.19 Stromness C v Thorfinn B; Stromness D v Thorfinn A; 7.27 Dounby B v Stromness A; Dounby A v Stromness B

7.35 Semis; 7.45 Final.

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