Sponsor Bob Gilmour presents the Gilmour Shield to the 2012 winners Stromness B

The primary football season concluded with the 2012 Gilmour Shield, the outdoor 7-a-side competition played last Saturday (26th May). Sunglasses and suncream were the order of the day as 17 teams competed at a sun drenched Picky. This is always a difficult competition to predict as the four largest schools (Papdale, Glaitness, Stromness, St Andrews and Dounby) are required to pick their teams by the alphabetical surname of the players, rather than put all their strongest players into the one team.

At the end of the day it was Stromness who proved themselves to be this year’s top primary school team when they added the Gilmour Shield to the Primary Indoor League they won  back in March. Containing a number of the successful Stromness Predators players from their indoor team, Stromness B defeated Glaitness B 1-0 in the final to win the trophy for Stromness for the first time since 1990.

The format for the competition saw teams playing in four groups with the top two teams in each group progressing to the quarter finals. All of the groups were highly competitive with Glaitness B, Papdale D and Dounby A just scraping through in second place in their respective groups.

The pick of the quarter finals was the Glaitness derby with a vocal and enthusiastic crowd supporting both teams. Neither team could be separated and it was down to a penalty shoot out with the B team eventually winning 2-0.

The semi finals were tight affairs with second half goals securing narrow victories for both Glaitness B and Stromness B.

Stromness had the bulk of the possession and chances in the final against Glaitness and made the breakthrough midway through the first half with an Owen Young goal after good leading up play by Sam Hunter. They had a chance to put the result beyond doubt when awarded a penalty in the second half, but the spot kick was blasted over. Stromness deserved the victory but credit to Glaitness for putting up a strong defensive performance with special mention of their keeper who produced a string of good saves to keep out the Stromness forwards.

On behalf of OYDG Alasdair Tait congratulated all the teams for contributing to a fantastic competition in brilliant weather.  He thanked all those that contributed to the competition including Picky groundstaff, with special mention to sponsor Bob Gilmour and the referees for the day – Jimmy Leask, Ivan Johnston, Ivan Leslie, Robbie Norquoy, Gordon Mulraine, Shane Stanger and Lennie Merriman. The day ended with Bob Gilmour presenting the winners and runners up medals, and the Gilmour Shield to Stromness B.

The 2012 Gilmour Shield runners up - Glaitness B

Results were as follows:

Group 1

Papdale A 1 Glaitness A 4;  Dounby B 1 Evie 0;  Stenness 0 Papdale A 5;  Glaitness A 5 Dounby B 1;  Evie 2 Stenness 1;  Dounby B 0 Papdale A 3;  Stenness 0 Glaitness A 6;  Evie 0 Papdale A 0;  Dounby B 5 Stenness 0;  Glaitness A 1 Evie 0

  P W SD NSD L F A Pts
Glaitness A 4 4 0 0 0 16 2 16
Papdale A 4 2 0 1 1 9 4 9
Dounby B 4 2 0 0 2 7 8 8
Evie 4 1 0 1 2 2 3 5
Stenness 4 0 0 0 4 1 18 0

Group 2

Papdale B 2 St.Andrews A 2;  Glaitness B 1 Orphir 1;   Orphir 1 Papdale B 2;  St.Andrews A 6 Glaitness B 0;  Papdale B 1 Glaitness B 3;  Orphir 0 St.Andrews A 2

  P W SD NSD L F A Pts
St Andrews A 3 2 1 0 0 10 2 10
Glaitness B 3 1 1 0 1 4 8 6
Papdale B 3 1 1 0 1 5 6 6
Orphir 3 0 1 0 2 2 5 2

Group  3

Stromness A 1 Hope/Burray 0; Papdale D 0 St.Andrews B 1;  Hope/Burray 0 Papdale D 1;   St.Andrews B 0 Stromness A 1; Papdale D 2 Stromness A 0;  Hope/Burray 0 St.Andrews B 2

  P W SD NSD L F A Pts
St Andrews B 3 2 0 0 1 3 1 8
Papdale D 3 2 0 0 1 3 1 8
Stromness A 3 2 0 0 1 2 2 8
Hope/Burray 3 0 0 0 3 0 4 0

Group 4

Firth 2 Dounby A 2;  Papdale C 0 Stromness B 3;  Dounby A 1 Papdale C 1;  Stromness B 7 Firth 1;  Dounby A 1 Stromness B 1;  Firth 0 Papdale C 1

  P W SD NSD L F A Pts
Stromness B 3 2 1 0 0 11 2 10
Dounby A 3 0 3 0 0 4 4 6
Papdale C 3 1 1 0 1 2 4 6
Firth 3 0 1 0 2 3 10 2

Quarter Finals

Glaitness A 1 Glaitness B 1 (a.e.t. Glaitness B won 2-0 on pens); St Andrews A 3, Papdale D 0; St Andrews B 3 Dounby A 0; Stromness B 3 Papdale A 0


Glaitness B 1 St Andrews B 0; St Andrews A 0 Stromness B 1


Glaitness B 0 Stromness B 1


Margo MacPherson representing the sponsors presents the Lloyds TSB Trophy to the Papdale Flyers

There was plenty of excitement and quality football on display as the Primary Indoor football reached its climax at Picky on Saturday 10th March. At stake were the Lloyds TSB Trophy, Reid Crescent Shield, S R Paterson Shield, Johnny Johnston Plate and the Player of the Year Trophy.

The premier cup competition, the Lloyds TSB Trophy, played for by the eight top teams in the league saw a repeat of last year’s final with Papdale Flyers playing great rivals St Andrews Hurricanes. Hurricanes took the lead through a long range Sam Rendall shot in an exciting match but a close range equaliser by Andrew Mulraine for the Flyers saw the match move into extra time. It was Flyers through a powerful Oskar Stout half volley who scored the critical and winning second goal that saw them retain the trophy for a second year.  After narrowly losing out to Stromness Predators in the league title race, Flyers were delighted to end the season on a high.

Both teams had a difficult run to the final. Flyers first match against schoolmates Kings was a tough match with the Flyers winner coming in extra time after Kings had taken the lead and looked like they might hold on for a surprise victory. Hurricanes scored the only goal of the match against Glaitness United in the semi final, and whilst United had chances to equalise Hurricanes held on for victory. Hurricanes had earlier also narrowly beaten Stromness Predators in their first match of the night to end the Stromness side’s hopes of completing a league and cup double.


Stromness Predators 1 St Andrews Hurricanes 2; Firth Scorpions 0 Glaitness United 2 (a.e.t.) Inter Dounby 2 Hope/Burray Hotspurs 2; Papdale Kings 1 Papdale Flyers 2 (a.e.t)


St Andrews Hurricanes 1 Glaitness United 2; Inter Dounby 0 Papdale Flyers 2


Papdale Flyers 2 St Andrews Hurricanes 1 (a.e.t)

Lloyds TSB Trophy Runners Up St Andrews Hurricanes



Papdale Mighty Marvels pictured with the Reid Crescent Shield

The remaining other 12 league and 6 non-league teams battled it out for the Reid Crescent Shield in what is usually a difficult to predict competition. With Stromness Devils withdrawing from the tournament Papdale Dales were expected to be one of the favourites for the competition. However their hopes were dashed in their quarter final against younger school mates Papdale Mighty Marvels.  In the tightest match of the night it took a penalty shoot out to separate the teams with Marvels emerging victorious 4-3. Buoyed by this victory the Marvels edged out Glaitness Spurs in the semi-final to set up a final match against Orphir Torpedos.

With Torpedos having won both their league matches against the Marvels they might have been expected to be slight favourites, but once again it was the Marvels who upset the odds. Marvels took an early lead but Torpedos came back into the match to equalise, only to see Marvels immediately take the lead again. A number of good saves by the Marvels goalkeeper prevented another equaliser to see them deservedly win the Shield for the first time and complete a Papdale cup double. Unfortunately for Torpedos, this was the second year in a row they have lost out in the final of this competition.

First Round

Stromness Strikers 1 Stenness Falcons 0; St Andrews Twisters 1 Orphir Torpedos 4

Second Round

Athletico Dounby 0 Papdale Mighty Marvels 5; Papdale Dales 5 Papdale Giants 0; Papdale Vikings 0 Glaitness Spurs 1; Stromness Thistle 0 Glaitness Pirates 1; Real Dounby 0 Glaitness Rovers 1; Papdale Knights 0 Evie 3; St Andrews Dynamos 1 Firth Spiders 4; Stromness Strikers 0 Orphir Torpedos 2

Quarter Finals

Papdale Mighty Marvels 2 Papdale Dales 2 (a.e.t. Marvels won 4-3 on penalties); Glaitness Spurs 4 Glaitness Pirates 0; Glaitness Rovers 1 Evie 0; Firth Spiders 0 Orphir Torpedos 1 (a.e.t.)


Papdale Mighty Marvels 1 Glaitness Spurs 0; Glaitness Rovers 1 Orphir Torpedos 2


Papdale Mighty Marvels 2 Orphir Torpedos 1

Orphir Torpedos with Lorraine Pilkington Tait who sponsored the Reid Crescent Runners Up medals


West A

East B

East A

West B


Gordon Wilson presents the Indoor Player of the Year to Sam Hunter, Stromness Predators

The presentation of trophies and medals took place at the conclusion of the evening’s play. Jim Cormack, OYDG Chairman opened the presentation by congratulating the winning teams and commenting on the high quality of football played, the very good atmosphere and the excitement of having the non-league teams involved in the cup competition.

He then introduced and thanked the various sponsors who presented the trophies and medals as follows:

• Johnny Johnstone Plate (presented by Adam Harcus from S R Paterson Ltd) to East B;
• S R Paterson Shield (presented by Adam Harcus from S R Paterson Ltd) to West A;
• Reid Crescent Runners Up medals (presented by Lorraine Pilkington Tait of Cafelolz@21) to Orphir Torpedos;
• Reid Crescent Shield and winners medals (presented by Brian Budge) to Papdale Mighty Marvels;
• Player of the Year (presented by Gordon Wilson) to Sam Hunter, Stromness Predators;
• Lloyds TSB Runners Up medals (presented by Margo MacPherson of Lloyds TSB) to St Andrews Hurricanes; and
• Lloyds TSB Trophy and winners medals (presented by Margo MacPherson) to Papdale Flyers.

Jim also thanked all those that had contributed to a successful competition - Picky management and staff, referees, fixtures organisers, scorers, teams, coaches, parent and supporters.

There were a number of other additional presentations made by OYDG at the end of the evening: Under 15’s coach Ritchie Brunton who is moving back to Fife to take up a new job; Jimmy Leask for his many years of refereeing the primary indoor football; and outgoing Chairman Jim Cormack and Secretary David Murdoch who are both stepping down at the next AGM after serving for 5 years as OYDG office bearers.  OYDG would like to thank all four for their tremendous service to youth football in Orkney over the years.

Saturday 3rd March

The final two qualifying groups in the primary football cup – the Lloyds TSB Trophy were played at Picky on Saturday night. It was the four seeded teams – Inter Dounby, Firth Scorpions, Glaitness United and Hope/Burray Hotspurs who progress to the quarter-finals with the remaining teams now competing for the Reid Crescent Shield.

United  and Hotspurs had a straightforward passage in Group 3 and could not be separated when they played each other with the game ending in a 0-0 draw. Group 4 was more competitive and although Inter were convincing winners the race for second place became a straight fight between Scorpions and Orphir Torpedos. Although Torpedos took the lead in the key deciding match they were eventually overwhelmed 4-1 by Scorpions.

Of the non league teams competing for the first time there were good performances by Papdale Knights who beat league team Firth Spiders and had fine draws against two other league teams Papdale Vikings and Stenness Falcons. St Andrews Twisters also had a creditable draw against Glaitness Spurs.

Group 3 Results

United 4 Vikings 0;  Knights 1 Falcons 1;  Spiders 0 Strikers 1; HB Hotspurs 2 Falcons 0;   Knights 1 United 4;  Vikings 3 Spiders 1; Strikers 3 Knights 1;  Vikings 0 HB Hotspurs 4;   Falcons 0 United 4; United 2 Spiders 0;  Knights 0 Vikings 0;  HB Hotspurs 1 Strikers 0;   Vikings 0 Falcons 1;  Strikers 0 United 1;  Spiders 0 HB Hotspurs 2;  Knights 1 Spiders 0;  HB Hotspurs 0 United 0;  Falcons 0 Strikers 1; Strikers 0 Vikings 1;  HB Hotspurs 2 Knights 0;  Spiders 1 Falcons 0.

Lloyds TSB Qualifiers - Glaitness United & Hope/Burray Hotspurs

Reid Crescent Shield - Stromness Strikers, Papdale Vikings, Papdale Knights, Stenness Falcons and Firth Spiders

Group 3

  P W SD NSD L Pts
Glaitness United 6 5 0 1 0 21
Hope/Burray Hotspurs 6 5 0 1 0 21
Stromness Strikers 6 3 0 0 3 12
Papdale Vikings 6 2 0 1 3 9
Papdale Knights 6 1 1 1 3 7
Stenness Falcons 6 1 1 0 4 6
Firth Spiders 6 1 0 0 5 4

Group 4 Results

Inter 3 Spurs 0;  Torpedos 2 Twisters 1;  Mighty Marvels 4 Giants 0;  Twisters 0 Scorpions 4;  Torpedos 1 Inter 4;  Spurs 0 Mighty Marvels 1;   Giants 0 Torpedos 4;  Scorpions 4 Spurs 1;  Inter 3 Twisters 0;  Mighty Marvels 0 Inter 2;  Spurs 0 Torpedos 3;  Giants 0 Scorpions 4;  Twisters 1 Spurs 1;  Inter 3 Giants 0;  Scorpions 3 Mighty Marvels 0;  Mighty Marvels 0 Torpedos 4;  Inter 3 Scorpions 0;  Giants 1 Twisters 0;  Spurs 4 Giants 0;  Torpedos 1 Scorpions 4;  Twisters 1 Mighty Marvels 2.

Lloyds TSB Qualifiers - Inter Dounby & Firth Scorpions

Reid Crescent Shield - Orphir Torpedos, Papdale Mighty Marvels, Glaitness Spurs, Papdale Giants and St Andrews Twisters.

Group 4

  P W SD NSD L Pts
Inter Dounby 6 6 0 0 0 24
Firth Scorpions 6 5 0 0 1 20
Orphir Torpedos 6 4 0 0 2 16
Papdale Mighty Marvels 6 3 0 0 3 12
Glaitness Spurs 6 1 1 0 4 6
Papdale Giants 6 1 0 0 5 4
St Andrews Twisters 6 0 1 0 5 2

Saturday 25th February

The opening two qualifying groups in the primary football cup – the Lloyds TSB Trophy were played at Picky on Saturday night.

It was the four seeded teams – St Andrews Hurricanes, Papdale Flyers, Papdale Kings and Stromness Predators who progressed to the quarter-finals, with the remaining teams competing for the Reid Crescent Shield on the final night.

Surprisingly the Stromness coaches had switched a number of players between their leading teams – Predators and Devils. The net effect was a stronger Devils team at the expense of the Predators. As a result Hurricanes and Flyers did not have it easy in their group as the Devils boosted by the inclusion of three players from the league winning Predators team matched them all the way. At the end of the night it boiled down to a play-off match between Flyers and Devils to decide who would progress along with the Hurricanes and it was Flyers who emerged victorious by 3-1.

It was much easier for Stromness Predators and Papdale Kings in Group 2, with the Predators topping the league after winning all their matches.

Of the non league teams competing for the first time there were good performances by Athletic Dounby who earned draws against St Andrews Dynamos and Real Dounby, and Stromness Thistle who beat Glaitness Pirates.

Group 1 Results

Hurricanes 3 Dales 0;  Devils 4 Pirates 0; Thistle 0 Flyers 4; Devils 1 Hurricanes 1; Dales 4 Thistle 0;  Flyers 4 Pirates 0;  Dales 0 Flyers 4;  Thistle 0 Devils 4;  Pirates 1 Hurricanes 5;  Pirates 0 Dales 2;  Hurricanes 4 Thistle 0;  Devils 0 Flyers 0;  Thistle 3 Pirates 1;  Flyers 1 Hurricanes 1;  Dales 0 Devils 4;

Group 1 Qualifier Play Off -  Devils 1 Flyers 3.

Lloyds TSB Trophy Qualifiers:- St Andrews Hurricanes & Papdale Flyers

Reid Crescent Shield: - Papdale Dales; Stromness Devils; Glaitness Pirates; Stromness Thistle.

Group 1

  P W SD NSD L Pts
St Andrews Hurricanes 5 3 2 0 0 16
Papdale Flyers 5 3 1 1 0 15
Stromness Devils 5 3 1 1 0 15
Papdale Dales 5 2 0 0 3 8
Stromness Thistle 5 1 0 0 4 4
Glaitness Pirates 5 0 0 0 5 0

Group 2 Results

Kings 1 Rovers 0;  Dynamos 0 Athletico 0;  Real 0 Evie 4;  Dynamos 0 Kings 3;  Rovers 2 Real 0;  Athletico 0 Predators 4; Evie 4 Dynamos 0;  Predators 2 Rovers 0;  Athletico 0 Kings 2; Kings 2 Real 0;  Rovers 2 Dynamos 0;  Evie 0 Predators 3;  Athletico 0 Rovers 3;  Predators 4 Real 0;  Kings 1 Evie 0;  Evie 2 Athletico 0;  Real 2 Dynamos 0;  Predators 2 Kings 1;  Rovers 0 Evie 0;  Athletico 1 Real 1;  Dynamos 0 Predators 4.

Lloyd TSB Trophy Qualifiers:- Stromness Predators & Papdale Kings

Reid Crecent Shield: - Glaitness Rovers, St Andrews Dynamos, Athletico Dounby, Real Dounby, Evie.

Group 2

  P W SD NSD L Pts
Stromness Predators 6 6 0 0 0 24
Papdale Kings 6 5 0 0 1 20
Evie 6 3 0 1 2 13
Glaitness Rovers 6 3 0 1 2 13
Real Dounby 6 1 1 0 4 6
Athletico Dounby 6 0 1 1 4 3
St Andrews Dynamos 6 0 0 1 5 1


MOUNT CUP 2011/12


The 2011/12 Primary Indoor Football League kicked off on Saturday 29th October at Picky. 21 teams competed this season. The league ran for 15 weeks ending on Saturday 18th February 2012.  Team and action photos taken by Tom O Brien, Orkney Media Group's photographer may be purchased from the Orcadian's Photo website @ http://www.theorcadianphotos.co.uk. 

FINAL WEEK - February 18th



Stromness Predators pictured with the Mount Cup and Nicola Taylor representing the sponsors

There was an electric atmosphere at Picky on Saturday night as one of the largest crowds ever seen at an indoor primary football competition gathered to witness the climax of the league and a winner takes all match between the league leaders Papdale Flyers and Stromness Predators.

The main match was the second last game of the season for both teams, and started with Predators piling on the pressure against a nervous looking Flyers side.  The Flyers keeper had to look smart on a number of occasions but eventually Predators took the lead. Flyers gradually regained their composure and equalised leaving the game on a knife edge. Just as it looked like the game would end all square with the possibility of a play off looming large, a fine drive in the final second of the match by Predators sent the Stromness players and supporters into ecstasy.

The Predators still needed to take care off Glaitness United in their final match to be certain of being champions. If they thought this was to be a formality, a fired up United had other thoughts. In another classic match United lead twice before eventually succumbing 5-3 to the champions elect.

Remarkably this is the first time in the 25 year history of the league that a Stromness team have claimed the title, and nobody could deny the joy of players, coaches, and supporters as the final whistle blew. The current group of players and the apparent strength of depth of young players in Stromness should ensure that they will not have to wait another 25 years for their next league victory.

For Papdale Flyers this was a disappointing end to a season in which they had come so close to winning the league and mirrored the situation last season in which they also lost a title decider on the final night to St Andrews Hurricanes.

The Runners Up, Papdale Flyers

The Shore Shield for the smaller primary schools also went to the wire with Hope/Burray Hotspurs finishing only 3 points ahead of Firth Scorpions. Firth Scorpions went into their final match against the Flyers needing a victory to pip Hotspurs. Scorpions gave their all against a Flyers team still suffering from their loss against Predators, but lost narrowly by 1-0.

Winners of the Shore Shield, Hope/Burray Hotspurs

There was further drama at the bottom of the league as Real Dounby secured a fine 1-0 win against Firth Spiders to lift themselves off the bottom and avoid the Wooden Spoon which went to Papdale Vikings.

Pictured with the Wooden Spoon, Papdale Vikings

The presentation of trophies was held at end of the night. Jim Cormack, OYDG Chairman opened the presentation ceremony by congratulating the winning teams, and in particular Stromness for winning the league for the first time. Jim also commented that it had been the most exciting night’s primary football he had seen in his 5 years as Chairman.

He concluded by thanking all those that had contributed to such a successful competition - Picky management and staff, fixtures organisers, referees, timekeepers, scorers, teams, coaches, parents and supporters.

The ceremony concluded with the presentation of trophies by Nicola Taylor, representing the sponsors S & JD Robertson Ltd to:-

Stromness Predators - Mount Cup and Winners Medals
Papdale Flyers - Runners Up Medals
Hope/Burray Hotpurs - Shore Shield
Papdale Vikings - Wooden Spoon

OYDG would like to thank the very generous sponsorship of the Primary Indoor Football League by S & JD Robertson, the company having sponsored the competition since it started.


Spurs 2 Strikers 1;  Dynamos 0 Rovers 2;  Torpedos 3 Vikings 0;  HB Hotspurs 0 Inter 4;  Real 1 Spiders 0;  Spurs 1 Devils 3;  Evie 2 Vikings 0;  Spiders 0 Torpedos 1;  Inter 3 Rovers 0;  Strikers 3 Vikings 1;  M. Marvels 0 Dynamos 0;  Real 0 HB Hotspurs 4;  Evie 2 Devils 1;  Rovers 1 Flyers 3;  Spurs 3 Falcons 0;  Inter 2 Dales1;  Vikings 0 HB Hotspurs 4;  Hurricanes 1 United 1;  Devils 1 Kings 2;  Predators 5 Inter 0;  M. Marvels 0 Scorpions 3;  Rovers 0 United 1;  Flyers 5 Falcons 0;  Real 0 Devils 2;  Dales 2 Spurs 0;  Torpedos 0 Hurricanes 5;  M. Marvels 0 Predators 5; Kings 0 HB Hotspurs 0;  Scorpions 4 Dynamos 0;  Falcons 4 Strikers 0;  Kings 5 Spiders 0;  United 5 Real 0;  Predators 2 Flyers 1;  Hurricanes 2 Scorpions 0;  Torpedos 2 Dales 2;  Dynamos 2 Spiders 1;  Strikers 0 Evie 2;  M. Marvels 4 Falcons 3;  United 3 Predators 5;  Kings 0 Hurricanes 4;  Scorpions 0 Flyers 1;  Dales 0 Evie 0.


  P W SD NSD L Pts
Stromness Predators 40 38 1 0 1 154
Papdale Flyers 40 37 1 0 2 150
St Andrews Hurricanes 40 35 2 0 3 144
Glaitness United 40 32 3 0 5 134
Inter Dounby 40 29 4 0 7 124
Hope/Burray Hotspurs 40 25 2 1 12 105
Papdale Kings 40 24 3 1 12 103
Firth Scorpions 40 25 1 0 14 102
Stromness Devils 40 23 1 0 16 94
Papdale Dales 40 18 3 2 17 80
Orphir Torpedos 40 17 4 0 19 76
Glaitness Rovers 40 17 2 2 19 74
Papdale Mighty Marvels 40 14 3 1 22 63
Glaitness Spurs 40 13 4 1 22 61
Evie 40 12 3 3 22 57
Stenness Falcons 40 7 3 1 29 35
St Andrews Dynamos 40 6 1 4 29 30
Firth Spiders 40 4 1 3 32 21
Stromness Strikers 40 4 0 3 33 19
Real Dounby 40 2 3 1 34 15
Papdale Vikings 40 1 3 3 33 13

WEEK 14 - February 11th

The Primary Indoor football league is heading for an exciting Kirkwall v Stromness title showdown this coming Saturday as both the leading contenders Papdale Flyers and Stromness Predators won all their matches last weekend. Evie were the only team to provide any competition to the top two when they took a shock early lead in their match against the Predators.

Both teams share identical records at the top of the league with only four matches to be played including the second meeting of Flyers and Predators.

With Glaitness United having a week off St Andrews Hurricanes took full advantage also winning all their matches to move into a clear third place ahead of United.

The race for the Shore Shield for the smaller primary schools will also go to the final week with only two points separating Hope/Burray Hotspurs and Firth Scorpions. Scorpions had a good week winning all their games to narrow the gap between themselves and Hotspurs. Both teams faced Stromness Devils with contrasting fortunes. Scorpions came back from a goal down to record a 3-1 victory whilst Hotspurs lost 2-1 to the Devils, a good victory for the Stromness team.

Papdale Dales were the only other team to gain maximum points.

Stromness Strikers lifted themselves off the bottom of the league with a narrow 1-0 victory over Firth Spiders in a very close game.


Spiders 0 Hurricanes 3;  Evie 0 Flyers 4;  Torpedos 0 Predators 4;  Falcons 4 Dynamos 2;  M. Marvels 0 Flyers 5;  Predators 4 Evie 1;  Strikers 1 Spiders 0;  Inter 0 Hurricanes 2;  Falcons 0 Kings 2;  Vikings 0 Evie 2;  Scorpions 3 Torpedos 0;  Hurricanes 5 Dynamos 0;  Strikers 0 Flyers 5;  Spiders 0 HB Hotspurs 4;  M. Marvels 2 Real 1;  Predators 5 Kings 0;  Falcons 0 Torpedos 5;  Vikings 0 Inter 5;  Dales 2 M. Marvels 1;  Devils 2 Dynamos 1;  Real 0 Scorpions 5;  Vikings 0 Dales 4;  HB Hotspurs 1 Strikers 0;  Devils 1 Scorpions 3;  Kings 1 Inter 1;  Dales 1 Real 0;  Devils 2 HB Hotspurs 1.

WEEK 13 - February 4th

With the league leaders Stromness Predators having a week off, Papdale Flyers had the opportunity to go back to the top of the Primary Indoor Football League on Saturday night provided they won all three of their games. However in their second match of the evening they were surprisingly held to a 1-1 draw in a Papdale derby with the Kings. Indeed it took a very late equaliser by Flyers to grab a share of the points against a determined Kings who defended well with their keeper pulling off a number of good saves. In their first match of the night Flyers also had to work hard to secure a narrow 1-0 victory over Glaitness United.

The Flyers returned to form in their final match when they secured a 3-0 win against great rivals and fellow title challengers St Andrews Hurricanes. The Flyers played well with clinical finishing by their strikers providing a deserved victory. On the limited occasion when the Hurricanes ventured forward they found the Flyers keeper in fine form. This defeat looks like it has brought to an end Hurricanes recent domination of the league which stretches back over the last three years.

In the race for the Shore Shield for the smaller primary schools Hope/Burray still have the advantage although Firth Scorpions gained some ground when they won all three of their matches whilst Hotspurs suffered defeat against United.

There is also a close battle at the bottom of the league with three sides trying to avoid the wooden spoon.  Two of the bottom teams clashed on Saturday and Real Dounby and Papdale Viking could not be separated with the match ending in a 1-1- draw. Vikings missed a number of chances which could have won the match for them. A further draw against St Andrews Dynamos lifted Vikings out of the bottom two.


Kings 5 Real 0;  HB Hotspurs 0 United 2;  Torpedos 0 Inter 2;  Falcons 0 Spurs 1;  Hurricanes 5 Real 0;  Kings 5 Dynamos 0;  United 0 Flyers 1;  M. Marvels 1 HB Hotspurs 2;  Spurs 1 Inter 6;  United 3 Torpedos 0;  Hurricanes 5 Falcons 0;  Real 1 Vikings 1;  Flyers 1 Kings 1;  Dynamos 0 Inter 3;  HB Hotspurs 4 Falcons 0;  Spurs 1 M. Marvels 1;  Dales 1 Rovers 1;  Torpedos 1 Evie 1;  Hurricanes 0 Flyers 3; Spiders 0 Dales 3;  Rovers 0 Scorpions 3;  Vikings 1 Dynamos 1;  Evie 1 Spiders 2;  Scorpions 3 Dales 0;  Rovers 1 M. Marvels 0;  Vikings 0 Spiders 1;  Scorpions 3 Evie 0.

WEEK 12 - January 28th

The main match in the Primary Indoor Football League on Saturday saw an East v West clash between two of the main title challengers, St Andrews Hurricanes and Stromness Predators. Hurricanes were looking to complete a double over the Stromness team but it was Predators who took the lead midway through the game. A disputed goal from a free kick near the end sealed victory for Predators. Whilst both teams created chances Predators bossed the game and deserved their victory which keeps them in pole position.

Papdale Flyers also won all three of their matches and remain in second place and a major threat to Predators league aspirations with games in hand over the league leaders. Flyers did have to work hard in their match with Inter Dounby relying on a late goal to secure a narrow victory.

It was also a good night for Glaitness United and Stromness Devils who also gained maximum points. These victories help United keep in touch with the league leaders and Devils move into the top eight.

In the race for the Shore Shield for the small schools Firth Scorpions dropped valuable points when they were surprisingly beaten 3-1 by Glaitness Spurs.

At the bottom of the league Real Dounby grabbed a valuable couple of points in a 1-1 draw with Stenness Falcons, and but for a late equaliser by Real they would have taken all four points.


Torpedos 4 Strikers 0;  Devils 2 Dales 1;  Dynamos 0 Predators 5;  Rovers 1 Evie 0;  Torpedos 1 Devils 2;  United 5 Dynamos 0;  Evie 0 Dales 0;  Devils 3 Falcons 0;  Strikers 0 Scorpions 5;  HB Hotspurs 2 Rovers 0;  Predators 2 Hurricanes 0;  Torpedos 6 Dynamos 1;  Spurs 0 HB Hotspurs 2;  Flyers 5 Real 0;  Evie 0 United 5;  Strikers 0 Inter 5;  Dales 3 Falcons 0;  Spiders 0 Rovers 3;  Scorpions 1 Spurs 3;  Real 0 Predators 5;  Hurricanes 2 HB Hotspurs 0;  Flyers 1 Inter 0;  Spiders 0 United 5;  Hurricanes 5 Spurs 0;  Real 1 Falcons 1;  Flyers 5 Spiders 0;  Inter 4 Scorpions 1.

WEEK 11 - January 21st

With league leaders Papdale Flyers having a week off the chasing pack took advantage with Stromness Predators winning all their matches to take over at the top of the league from the Flyers.  However the Predators were made to work hard by the Papdale Kings who scored a late goal against the Stromness side to bring the scoreline back to 2-1.

St Andrews Hurricanes also won all their matches including the top match of the night with the other title challengers Glaitness United.  A close match was expected but it turned into a one sided affair with Hurricanes playing very well and winning comfortably by 5 goals to nil. This was a disappointing performance by United who had played so well to secure a draw against the Predators a couple of weeks ago. There was further disappointment for United in their match against Kings, with the Papdale side performing well to come back from two goals down to secure a 2-2 draw. Saturday’s results seem to have put paid to United’s league title challenge which now looks like a three horse race between Flyers, Hurricanes and Predators.

Having their best week of the season so far were Glaitness Rovers and St Andrews Dynamos who both won all their three matches on Saturday. Dynamos played extremely well to secure two 5-0 victories and a win against higher placed Glaitness Spurs.


Spiders 0 Inter 2; Scorpions 0 Predators 3; Evie 0 M. Marvels 1; Falcons 2 Real 0; Spiders 0 Devils 3; Inter 5 Evie 0;  Scorpions 5 Falcons 0;  Kings 1 Predators 2;  Devils 0 Rovers 1;   Vikings 0 Scorpions 4;  Inter 0 United 3;  Falcons 0 M. Marvels 2;  Predators 5 Spiders 0;   Dynamos 5 Real 0;  Kings 1 Evie 0;  Hurricanes 5 Vikings 0;  Strikers 0 Devils 2;  Spurs 1 Torpedos 4;  Rovers 4 Real 0;  United 0 Hurricanes 5;  Torpedos 1 M. Marvels 0;  Dynamos 5 Strikers 0;  Spurs 1 Vikings 0;  United 2 Kings 2;  Rovers 2 Torpedos 1;  Hurricanes 5 Strikers 0;  Dynamos 1 Spurs 0.

WEEK 10 - January 14th 2012

The top 3 teams in the league – Papdale Flyers, Stromness Predators and Glaitness United all gained maximum points in Saturday’s primary indoor football fixtures so there is no change at the top. The only team to pose any difficulties for any of the top teams was Papdale Mighty Marvels who fell two goals behind to Glaitness United but pulled a goal back to make a nervous ending to the match for United.

St Andrews Hurricanes also won all their matches to move into fourth place ahead of Inter Dounby and with games still in hand over the top three.

The main match of the evening was between the main challengers for the Shore Shield for smaller primary schools – Hope/Burray Hotspurs and Firth Scorpions. Hotspurs took an early lead and thereafter Scorpions piled on the pressure in the search for an equaliser. They were unlucky with a free kick that hit the post but eventually they got the goal they deserved and the match ended all square in a 1-1 draw. This result ensures that the race for the Shore Shield is as tight as the battle for the main league title.

Earlier in the evening Hotspurs had been surprised when they lost 2-1 to lower placed Stromness Devils. It was a very good night for the Devils as they won both their other matches to put themselves in contention for a top eight finish.

There is also plenty of excitement at the bottom of the league as St Andrews Dynamos recorded their second victory of the season against Firth Spiders to pull themselves off the bottom of the league where they were replaced by Real Dounby who did not play on Saturday.


HB Hotspurs 1 Devils 2;  Torpedos 4 Spiders 1;  Scorpions 0 Hurricanes 5;  Devils 2 Spurs 0;  Vikings 0 Flyers 5;  HB Hotspurs 1 Scorpions 1;  Spurs 0 Predators 5;  Vikings 0 Devils 2;  Flyers 4 Torpedos 0;  Kings 3 Scorpions 0;  Falcons 1 Spiders 1;  Hurricanes 4 Rovers 0;  HB Hotspurs 1 Spurs 1;  Spiders 0 Dynamos 2;  United 2 M. Marvels 1;  Kings 1 Torpedos 2;  Predators 4 Dales 0;  Vikings 0 Strikers 0;  Dynamos 0 Flyers 5;  Rovers 2 Falcons 1;  M. Marvels 1 Hurricanes 5;  Dales 0 United 3;  Strikers 0 Kings 3;  Rovers 0 Predators 5;  Dales 2 Dynamos 1;  Strikers 0 M. Marvels 1;  Falcons 0 United 3.

WEEK 9 - JANUARY 7th 2012

It was an exciting night of football at Picky last Saturday night as the Primary Indoor Football league resumed after the Xmas break.

The main match of the night was the top of the table clash between Papdale Flyers and Stromness Predators. It was the Stromness side who inflicted Flyers first defeat of the season with a 1-0 victory. Whilst the scoreline was tight the Predators had the better of the game and deserved their victory against a below par Flyers side.  Indeed Predators thought they had scored a second goal but with the noise of the crowd the sound of the final whistle being blown just before they scored was lost.

The Flyers still lead the league by two points as the Predators dropped points against Glaitness United and thereby lost the opportunity to draw level with Flyers at the top.  In a fast and furious match the referee was kept busy having to warn players from both sides against slide tackling, as both teams gave their all. United took an early lead but a late equaliser gave Predators a share of the points. Predators might have scored a very late winner had it not been for an excellent save by the United goalkeeper. United playing their best football of the season thoroughly deserved their draw which keeps alive their title chances.

The only teams to pick up maximum points on Saturday with 3 victories were St Andrews Hurricanes and Hope/Burray Hotspurs. Hurricanes are still very much in the title race with 3 games in hand on the top three teams, and Hotspurs took advantage of Firth Scorpions having a night off to edge ahead in the race for the Shore Shield for the smaller primary schools. It was also a good night for Papdale Dales and Papdale Mighty Marvels who both managed to defeat their higher placed schoolmates in the Papdale Kings.

At the bottom of the league the only one of the bottom five teams to pick up a point was bottom placed St Andrews Dynamos who defended well to hold Glaitness Rovers to a goalless draw. This draws them level with Real Dounby.


Evie 4 Real 0;  HB Hotspurs 3 Vikings 0;  Dynamos 0 Devils 4;  Evie 0 Hurricanes 3;  Real 0 Spurs 3;  Inter 5 Vikings 0;  HB Hotspurs 2 Evie 0;  Spurs 0 Hurricanes 5;  Real 1 Torpedos 2;  Dynamos 0 United 5;  Inter 0 Predators 5;  Flyers 5 Spurs 0;  Devils 3 Torpedos 2;  Rovers 0 Dynamos 0;  Strikers 0 HB Hotspurs 3;  Kings 3 Vikings 0;  Inter 5 M. Marvels 0;  Dales 0 Hurricanes 5;  Predators 1 United 1;  Flyers 5 M. Marvels 0;  Rovers 1 Devils 1;  United 2 Strikers 0;  Dales 1 Torpedos 0;  M. Marvels 3 Kings 1;  Flyers 0 Predators 1;  Rovers 3 Strikers 0;  Kings 0 Dales 3.

WEEK 8 - Saturday 17th DECEMBER

With everyone looking forward to what was to have been the clash of the 2 teams still with 100% records in the primary indoor football league – Glaitness United and Papdale Flyers – it was Firth Scorpions who stole the show when in their first match of night with United they inflicted United’s first defeat of the season. Scoring an early goal Scorpions fully deserved their victory in a game in which United played well below par.

Despite playing much better there was double disappointment for United in the top match of the night when in an end to end match they lost 2-0 to the Flyers. It took a late second goal to ensure victory for the Flyers in a match in which both teams made chances.

With the league now at its halfway point Papdale Flyers top the league by 4 points from Stromness Predators who also won all their three matches on Saturday night in convincing fashion. It was also a successful evening for Inter Dounby and Papdale Kings who both gained maximum points.

With Scorpions also securing full points with three victories they find themselves level on points with Hope/Burray Hotspurs in the race for the Shore Shield for the smaller primary schools.

At the bottom of the league the only team to make progress were Firth Spiders who picked up their second victory of the season with a single goal victory over Real Dounby.

The league now takes a mid season break before resuming on Saturday 7th January.


Dales 0 Flyers 5;  Kings 5 Strikers 0;  Real 0 Inter 5;  Scorpions 1 United 0;  Falcons 0 Flyers 5;  Kings 1 Spurs 0;  Dales 1 Inter 3;  Evie 3 Strikers 0;  Flyers 2 United 0;  Spurs 0 Dales 3;  Spiders 1 Real 0;  Evie 1 Falcons 1; Scorpions 3 Rovers 0;  Inter 3 HB Hotspurs 1;  Kings 1 Devils 0;  United 5 Falcons 0;  Strikers 0 Spurs 2;  Real 0 M. Marvels 2;  Predators 5 Vikings 0;  Spiders 0 Scorpions 3;  M. Marvels 0 Rovers 1;  Predators 5 HB Hotspurs 0;  Devils 5 Evie 0;  Rovers 3 Vikings 0;  HB Hotspurs 4 Spiders 0;  Devils 0 Predators 5;  Vikings 0 M. Marvels 1.


WEEK 7 - Saturday 10th December

There was a big crowd at Picky on Saturday night as two of the favourites for the league, Papdale Flyers and St Andrews Hurricanes clashed for the first time this season. Flyers took the lead in an exciting match but this advantage was soon cancelled out by a Hurricanes equaliser. There was plenty of good football played and it was Flyers who scored the decisive second goal to narrowly edge out Hurricanes by 2-1. On the balance of play Flyers just deserved their victory.

A further two victories for the Flyers saw them join Glaitness United at the top. This sets up nicely this week’s encounter between the remaining two teams in the league with 100% records.

Three victories for Stromness Predators saw them leapfrog Hurricanes into third place.

Three other teams gained maximum points on Saturday – Inter Dounby, Hope/Burray Hotspurs and Firth Scorpions, the latter two being the main contenders for the Shore Shield for the best placed small primary school team.

There was also plenty of excitement at the bottom of the league with both Firth Spiders and Papdale Vikings having goals disallowed in a 0-0 draw. It was a good night for Real Dounby who won their first match of the season thanks to a Stromness Strikers own goal. This win lifted Real off the bottom of the league, a position now occupied by St Andrews Dynamos.


Scorpions 3 M. Marvels 0; Falcons 0 Predators 5; Vikings 0 Torpedos 2;
Hurricanes 5 Spiders 0; Dynamos 1 Falcons 2; Predators 4 M. Marvels 0; Devils 3 Vikings 0; Torpedos 0 Scorpions 5; Strikers 0 Predators 5; Spiders 0 Vikings 0; M. Marvels 2 Dales 2; Dynamos 0 Scorpions 5; Hurricanes 1 Kings 0; Flyers 4 Evie 0; Inter 5 Falcons 0;  Devils 5 Real 1;  HB Hotspurs 2 Torpedos 0;  Strikers 0 Dales 2;  Spiders 0 Kings 3; Flyers 2 Hurricanes 1; Evie 0 Dynamos 0; Inter 5 Devils 3; Real 1 Strikers 0; Dales 2 HB Hotspurs 4; Kings 1 Flyers 3; Evie 0 Inter 5; HB Hotspurs 2 Real 0.

WEEK 6 - Saturday 3rd December

With Stromness Predators having a week off the other top three challengers for the league – Glaitness United, Papdale Flyers and St Andrews Hurricanes, all consolidated their positions at the top of the league winning all their matches on Saturday night.

Of the challengers United were the only team to face any real opposition in their match with Hope/Burray Hotspurs. United scored two early goals and although Hotspurs pulled one back it was too little too late.

As well as United, Flyers and Hurricanes the only other team to gain maximum points were Papdale Kings who left it late to score the only goal of the match against Glaitness Spurs. Also scoring late winners were Stenness Falcons against Papdale Vikings and Evie against Firth Spiders.

At the bottom of the league Real Dounby looked to be heading for their first victory of the season as they led for most of the match against Vikings who scored an equaliser to deny the Dounby side.


Spurs 0 Kings 1;  United 4 Rovers 0;  Vikings 0 Falcons 1;  Spurs 1 Evie 0;  United 2 HB Hotspurs 1;  Kings 3 Falcons 0;  Vikings 1 Real 1;  United 4 Spurs 0;  Spiders 0 Evie 1;  Rovers 0 Dales 1;  Scorpions 5 Real 0;  Falcons 0 HB Hotspurs 5;  Vikings 0 Kings 5;  Evie 0 Scorpions 4;  M. Marvels 0 Inter 5;  Flyers 5 Rovers 0;  Real 0 Hurricanes 5;  Inter 5 Dynamos 0;  Dales 3 Spiders 0;  Hurricanes 5 Torpedos 0;  HB Hotspurs 3 Dynamos 0;  Flyers 5 Scorpions 0;  M. Marvels 2 Spiders 1;  Inter 2 Torpedos 2;  Hurricanes 5 Dales 0;  Dynamos 1 M. Marvels 4;  Torpedos 0 Flyers 3.

WEEK 5 - Saturday 26th November

St Andrews Hurricanes dropped their first points of the season when they were held to a surprise 2-2 draw by Inter Dounby as the Primary Indoor league continued on Saturday evening. Having come back from the loss of an early goal Hurricanes looked to be heading for a narrow 2-1 victory but credit to Inter for fighting back to secure a draw in an exciting match.

Hurricanes could also count themselves lucky after a narrow 1-0 victory against Hope/Burray Hotspurs in a game in which Hotspurs looked to have equalised from a free kick but had the goal disallowed having taken the kick before the referee blew his whistle. The Hotspurs also put in a good performance against Papdale Flyers defending well and scoring a late goal to make it a nervous last minute for the Flyers who clung on for a 2-1 victory.

The top two teams had a good week with Glaitness United and Stromness Predators each winning their three games comfortably.

Both Glaitness Rovers and Firth Scorpions have climbed up the league after their best week’s performances so far. Scorpions won all three matches including a narrow victory against Papdale Dales in an exciting match. Rovers were also unbeaten on the night with a good victory against schoolmates Spurs and a goal in the last seconds securing victory against Stenness Falcons.

It was also a good night for Real Dounby who won their first point of the season holding Stromness Strikers to a goalless draw.


Dynamos 0 Hurricanes 5;  Evie 1 Torpedos 1;  Flyers 2 HB Hotspurs 1;  Strikers 0 Real 0;  Evie 0 Predators 4;  HB Hotspurs 0 Hurricanes 1;  Flyers 5 Strikers 0;  Dynamos 1 Evie 3;  Torpedos 0 United 3;  Predators 5 Real 0;  HB Hotspurs 4 Dales 1;  Torpedos 4 Falcons 1;  Flyers 5 Dynamos 0;  Spurs 0 Rovers 3;  Hurricanes 2 Inter 2;  Spiders 1 Strikers 0;  Scorpions 5 Devils 0;  Predators 5 Falcons 0;  Real 0 United 5;  Inter 1 Spurs 1;  Dales 0 Devils 1;  United 5 Spiders 0;  Spurs 0 Scorpions 5;  Falcons 1 Rovers 2;  Devils 1 Inter 3;  Dales 0 Scorpions 1;  Rovers 0 Spiders 0.

WEEK 4 - Saturday 19th November

The first crunch match of the Primary Indoor took place on Saturday night when two of the favourites clashed with unbeaten Stromness Predators and St Andrews Hurricanes playing each other for the first time. After their free-scoring start to the season Predators went into the match as slight favourites but after an exciting and closely fought match it was Hurricanes who scored the only goal midway through the match to narrowly edge out the Predators. Credit to the Hurricanes who got their tactics spot on and prevented the Predators from scoring for the first time this season. The victory served as a warning to the top clubs that Hurricanes are not going to give up their title without a fight.

With Stromness dropping their first points and Papdale Flyers having a week off Glaitness United took full advantage to move 4 points clear at the top of the league.

Orphir Torpedos and Stromness Devils climbed up the league following their best performances so far. In winning their three games Torpedos left it very late in their matches against Glaitness Spurs and St Andrews Dynamos scoring the winning goals in the dying seconds. Devils also had to fight hard for victory against Stenness Falcons. In the best supported match of the night with plenty of vocal encouragement from the sidelines, they came back from a goal down and were lucky that Falcons missed a penalty which would have given them a 2-0 lead.

It was also a good week for Inter Dounby who won the 3 matches they played, and for St Andrews Dynamos who won their first game of the season.


M. Marvels 0 United 5; Inter 4 Strikers 0;  Falcons 1 Devils 2;  United 3 Evie 0;   Rovers 0 Inter 3;  Strikers 0 Falcons 3;  Devils 3 M. Marvels 1;  Inter 5 Spiders 0;  Falcons 0 Scorpions 5;  Evie 2 Rovers 1;  Kings 0 United 2;  M. Marvels 1 Torpedos 3;  Devils 2 Spiders 0;  Strikers 0 Hurricanes 5;  Real 1 Dynamos 2;  Scorpions 4 Vikings 0;  Evie 0 Spurs 1;  Real 0 Rovers 3;  Predators 5 Scorpions 0;  Dynamos 0 Kings 3;  Torpedos 1 Spurs 0;  Vikings 0 Hurricanes 5;  Spiders 0 Predators 5;  Real 0 Kings 5;  Dynamos 1 Torpedos 2;  Hurricanes 1 Predators 0;  Vikings 0 Spurs 0.

WEEK 3 - Saturday 12th NOVEMBER

There is no change at the top of the Primary Indoor Football league after the third week of fixtures with the top three teams – Glaitness United, Papdale Flyers and Stromness Predators all maintaining their perfect starts to the season having won all their nine games. Both Predators and Flyers keep banging in the goals, with the Stromness side winning all three of their matches by 5-0.

The only other team with a 100% record is St Andrews Hurricanes who have played 3 fewer games than the top three teams. They were however pushed all the way by Stromness Devils scoring the only goal in a keenly fought match.

Outwith the matches involving the top teams there were a number of closely fought matches with ten matches resulting in draws or single goal victories.

Papdale Kings were involved in some of the closest matches managing to win all three of their matches by narrow single goal margins.

At the bottom of the league Papdale Vikings scored a late goal to secure their first victory of the season against St Andrews Dynamos, and Dynamos themselves picked up their first point in a goalless draw with Stromness Strikers.


Predators 5 Torpedos 0;  Spurs 0 Flyers 5;  Rovers 0 HB Hotspurs 1;  Torpedos 0 Kings 1;  M. Marvels 1 Spurs 1;  HB Hotspurs 0 Predators 5;  Torpedos 1 Rovers 3;  Spiders 0 Spurs 2;  Predators 5 Dynamos 0;  Rovers 0 Kings 1;  Spiders 0 Flyers 5;  United 3 Dales 0;  Scorpions 0 HB Hotspurs 2; Devils 0 Flyers 4;  Spiders 0 M. Marvels 2;  Dynamos 0 Vikings 1;  Falcons 0 Dales 5;  Hurricanes 5 M. Marvels 0;  Strikers 0 Dynamos 0;  Scorpions 1 Kings 2;  United 2 Devils 0;  Dales 4 Strikers 0;  Falcons 1 Vikings 0;  Hurricanes 1 Devils 0;  Scorpions 1 Strikers 2;  United 5 Vikings 0;  Falcons 0 Hurricanes 3.

WEEK 2 - Saturday 5th NOVEMBER

There is a three-way tie at the top of the Primary Indoor Football league following the second week’s fixtures. Glaitness United, Papdale Flyers and Stromness Predators have won all their opening fixtures.

Whilst the Predators recorded comfortable victories in their matches Inter provided much sterner tests for both United and Flyers who had to work hard to beat the Dounby side. United were also pushed all the way by Stromness Devils before winning by a single goal.

St Andrews Hurricanes kicked off their season on Saturday night winning their opening fixtures in their defence of the league title. They also had to be at their best to narrowly beat a young Glaitness Rovers team who put up a very good display.

It was also a successful night for Hope/Burray Hotspurs who won all three of their matches to climb up into fourth place.

Orphir Torpedos also played their opening games of the season securing two 5-0 victories against Strikers and Real. Closest match of the night was between Inter and Kings with a goal in the last seconds securing a victory for Inter.


Vikings 0 Rovers 2;  Dynamos 0 Dales 4; Devils 0 Hurricanes 4;  Vikings 0 United 5;  Dales 0 Predators 5;  Rovers 0 Hurricanes 1;  Spurs 1 Dynamos 0;  Flyers 5 Devils 0;  Hurricanes 5 Evie 0;  Kings 2 Rovers 1;  Devils 0 United 1;  Flyers 5 Vikings 0;  Real 0 Dales 4;  Predators 5 Spurs 0;  Dynamos 0 HB Hotspurs 3;  M. Marvels 3 Evie 0;  United 4 Inter 2;  Predators 4 Strikers 0;  Evie 2 Kings 1;  Torpedos 1 HB Hotspurs 4;  M. Marvels 3 Strikers 1;  Inter 1 Flyers 3;  Spurs 3 Real 0;  Strikers 0 Torpedos 5;  HB Hotspurs 3 M. Marvels 1;  Inter 1 Kings 0;  Torpedos 5 Real 0.

WEEK 1 - Saturday 29th OCTOBER

Saturday evening saw the OYDG Primary Indoor League commence for the 25th year, once again very generously sponsored by the S. & J.D. Robertson Group Ltd.

Two of the favourites for the Mount Cup Papdale Flyers and Stromness Predators made impressive starts in their quest for the league title, each recording three comfortable victories. They are joined at the top of the league by Inter Dounby and Glaitness United who also have 100% records.

With 16 of the 18 teams competing managing to record points on the board after the first night, the early indications are that the majority of the teams are well matched. The quality of the football on show was very good and despite the large number of players making their debuts in competitive youth football there were relatively few one sided matches outwith those involving the league favourites.

Early indications are that Stromness are an emerging force in primary school football and with three teams competing they clearly have strength in depth. In the Shore Shield for the smaller primary schools the early pace setters are Evie and Hope/Burray Hotspurs who played each other with Hotspurs securing a narrow 1-0 victory.

The tightest match and only drawn game of the evening was between Firth Spiders and Stenness Falcons. Despite considerable vocal support from the sidelines neither team was able to secure a winning goal.


Falcons 1 Inter 6; Real 0 Evie 1; Scorpions 1 Spiders 0; HB Hotspurs 1 Flyers 3; Falcons 0 Evie 2; Inter 6 Real 1; Dales 0 Kings 1; Spiders 0 Falcons 0; Scorpions 1 Inter 4; Real 0 Flyers 5; Evie 0 HB Hotspurs 1; Kings 2 M. Marvels 0; United 2 Scorpions 0; Spurs 1 Spiders 0; Flyers 5 Dales 0; HB Hotspurs 2 Kings 0; M. Marvels 1 Devils 3; Dales 5 Vikings 0; Predators 5 Rovers 0; Strikers 0 United 4; M. Marvels 3 Vikings 0; Rovers 2 Spurs 0; Devils 2 Strikers 1; Vikings 0 Predators 5; Spurs 0 United 4; Strikers 2 Rovers 1; Predators 3 Devils 0.



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