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If you like singing along then take the opportunity below!  Listen or download music and lyrics, or watch the video.


              aimee (bodhran), sarah jane and emily perform in the cromarty hall, st margaret's hope with frank keenan and alex leonard on accompaniment 6th december 2008


We had lots of SongShares across Orkney’s Mainland, South Isles and North Isles in the first year of our project.  They took the format of a short informal concert of Orkney songs (as seen above) performed by Aimee Leonard (also on bodhran), Sarah Jane Gibbon and Emily Turton, as well as any musicians we are able to round up for each performance!  We rarely knew who were we were going to see, and anyone who wanted to perform was encouraged to come up and join in.  The whole thing was very informal – we didn't use the stage and only used microphones and amps to amplify the sound.  If we could sing loud enough without them we probably would!  It was a fantastic way to spend a Saturday afternoon, in the company of good music and friendly folk, and something we all now miss greatly. 


Each Song Share had a workshop where everyone was encouraged to join in and learn an Orkney song.  You’ll find some of our tunes and lyrics below, together with a couple of old Orkney tunes. “The Isle of Erin” (lyrics available here) was a song written in 1908 and was found in the Orkney Library and Archive sung by Sydney Scott.  It was rearranged, and is now available on the Song Shop cd Fruteetee, together with “Hoy’s Dark and Lofty Isle”, (lyrics available here) another song found in the archives.  For more information on this beautiful song, click here.

LYRICS!  Also available in the Library

Isle of Erin : Hoy's Dark and Lofty Isle : The Orcadian Boatman's Song

Greenland Whaling Fishery : Hurrah for the Orkneys

An Orcadian Cradle Song : The Nobleman's Wedding/The Unconstant Lover

I'll Hang my Harp in a Willow Tree  :  The Bride's Lament 

The Hamars o' Syradale  :  Elwick Bay :  

The dreadful end of Marianna for sorcery   :   The Rousay Lullaby

Eday Song  :  Oh Dear Oh   :   Leaving Stronsay  :  The New Year Song


From our finale weekend workshop:  Tam Gibb's Soo and The  Wreck of the Brig of Columbus


Go to the song bios pages  for more information on the Workshop songs!





Also available on YouTube by clicking here (for all videos, click on "More from:..." on right side of page).

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