The Big Orkney Song Project was a two year project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund to collect, catalogue and record Orkney songs. We have created the Big Orkney Song Collection which is now accessible to you through the Orkney Library and Archive.

Our hope is to reinvigorate the song tradition in Orkney and preserve our rich and diverse song heritage. We think we've achieved this aim, with songs collected throughout the project making their way across the ocean to the USA and across the sea to Europe (Germany and Norway that we know of). You can listen to some songs, sing along and even watch some videos here, all of which were collected during the many SongShares run throughout the duration of the project. You can find out information on these throughout this site.

The funded portion of our work on The Big Orkney Song Project may be over, but we are still working hard behind the scenes, finishing bits off and adding songs and information to the Archives. Click here for photos and information on our finale weekend, held over 24-26th September 2010.

The Big Orkney Song Project was made possible through a grant received from the lottery funded Heritage Lottery Fund.





OS = Orkney Singers

BOSP = Big Orkney Song Project

BOSC = Big Orkney Song Collection

HLF = Heritage Lottery Fund

OLA = Orkney Library & Archive


Just to clarify...
OS has responsibility for creating the BOSC, which will come about because the BOSP has been made possible by a grant by the HLF, and which will eventually end up in the OLA

Clear?  Haha!

[Editors Note:  If this isn't clear, please get in touch!]

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