Alexander Groundwater family
I have found information for the Groundwater family while
searching through my Ancestry family tree, My grand father John Mainland Drever b 1893 family lived at Piggar Croft ( farm ) Orkney.
after the Groundwater family.
Posted by Mary Pitcher on 02 January 2014
I lived in Orkney few years ago for some months and miss them since. Once in my nostalgic net surfing I found your video of the cradle song, and now that I'm pregnant with my first child, I was madly trying to find it again. Thank you so much for digging out such beautiful songs and for making them available for us all.
Lots of hugs.
Posted by Simona on 02 March 2011
Rousay Songshare
Great afternoon of song. Thanks for the invite. Keep on Singing.
Posted by Bruce Mainland on 29 June 2009
I'm currently researching a novel based in South Ronaldsay and came across your site as a place to find lyrics to Orcadian songs, however I found myself spending an idle hour or two listening to the singing- very beautiful and worthwhile project!
Posted by Liam on 12 May 2009
It was a grand way to spend a dull Saturday afternoon, listening to music, hearing you all sing then being taught a song to sing ourselves! amazing, thank you all very much, can't wait to hear Elwick Bay.
Posted by Jan Buchanan on 19 April 2009
Posted on 06 September 2008
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