Local Equality

A key principle of the Orkney Partnership is to address the inequalities which persist between communities in different parts of Orkney. The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 requires community planning partnerships to identify areas within their boundaries that experience disproportionate levels of socio-economic disadvantage and develop one or more locality plans to reduce inequality.

The Local Equality Delivery Group will develop and lead the delivery of a new locality plan supporting communities experiencing socio-economic inequality, both in the ferry-linked isles and elsewhere across Orkney. Some of these communities already have their own local development plans and the new Locality Plan will not duplicate these. Instead, it will lend support to existing community-led plans wherever the Partnership can add value and improve outcomes.

More information about this priority and how we plan to measure it is available in the Orkney Community Plan 2023/30 available here.


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Community Justice
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