Sustainable Development

Our aim is to exploit the synergy between two linked priorities: developing an economy that serves the needs of Orkney’s population and combatting the climate emergency. 

Our target outcomes are:

  • Supporting Community Wealth Building to achieve an upturn in Orkney’s economy, to ensure wealth is retained in Orkney and that it this wealth is shared fairly.
  • A 'Just Transition' towards a well-being economy with a focus on climate change, fair work, and diversity.
  • Net zero emissions in Orkney by 2030.
  • An adaptation strategy to protect our citizens, businesses, habitats and wildlife from the effects of climate change.

Community Wealth Building
Community Wealth Building involves:

  1. Building on the work already done to support local small and medium businesses to be able to do more.
  2. Support the creation of new business, including those with different forms of ownership such as co-operatives. 
  3. Promotes fairer employment practices which benefits the whole county through increased spend and less poverty. 
  4. Skilling up local people to be able to benefit from the opportunities that arise.
  5. Lower carbon emissions because of shorter supply chains.

The Partnership has produced a Briefing explaining more about Community Wealth Building that is available here.

The Climate Emergency
In May 2021, Orkney Partnership Board adopted an action plan to combat the climate emergency and improve Orkney’s resilience to climate change. Achieving net zero overall will require the greening of Orkney’s internal ferry fleet, already long overdue for replacement. This is a significant challenge. The Council is engaging with the Scottish Government to find a sustainable solution and expects to make significant progress during the lifetime of this plan. Meanwhile, the island of Hoy has been selected by Scottish Government as one of six islands to take part in its Carbon Neutral Islands project, which will enable us to pilot innovative and transferable low carbon techniques in sectors of particular importance to islands, such as agriculture and marine transport.

The Sustainable Development Delivery Group has been established to achieve this. More information about this priority and how we plan to measure it is available in the Orkney Community Plan 2023/30 available here.


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