Orkney Community Plan 2019-2022 incorporating the Local Outcomes Improvement Plan

Under the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015, each community planning partnership must prepare and publish a Local Outcomes Improvement Plan or LOIP.  This replaces the former Single Outcome Agreement.  Orkney Community Plan incorporates Orkney’s LOIP for 2019-2022.  

This Community Plan has been produced by The Orkney Partnership as our commitment to the people of Orkney.  It describes what we aim to achieve, working together in partnership, and how this adds value to what we can achieve as individual organisations.  It encompasses our long term vision for Orkney, and some of the developments it describes will be part of our lives for decades to come.  

The plan is also our Local Outcomes Improvement Plan with the Scottish Government.  It sets out what we hope to achieve over the next three years and beyond as our contribution both to Orkney's local priorities and to the ambitions of the Scottish Government for the whole of Scotland.

Orkney Community Planning Partnership published its first community plan in 2003. With the islands' population standing at 19,245 in the 2001 census, our most pressing aim was to reverse the population decline of the previous century to ensure Orkney’s survival and sustainability.  Things have changed: by 2011 the population had reached 21,400 and in 2018 it is still continuing to rise.

Orkney features regularly on lists of the best places to live, and it is also one of the best places in Scotland to live longer.  The increase in population aged over 65 is the largest in Scotland and will be very significant in planning future services.  We want people to have the support they need to adopt healthy lifestyles throughout their lives and take responsibility for their wellbeing. Not only will this improve individual lives, it will prevent increasing demand for support services in future years. We also want people to live in safe, warm, homely settings.

Although the population as a whole is increasing, the Census figures show a continuing trend of decreasing population in the isles. We want all our communities to have growing, sustainable and inclusive populations, with access to services, facilities and resources.

The social and economic sustainability of Orkney is heavily dependent on the natural and cultural heritage of the Islands.  A top priority for Orkney is the safeguarding of our unique and inspirational cultural heritage, which draws visitors from around the world. Orkney has a unique opportunity to position itself as a location for innovation and the application of experimental thinking in sustainable development in an island context. We would like our economy to offer a broad range of employment opportunities in all localities

Wind and increasingly marine renewable energy have huge potential to revolutionise the sustainability of Orkney for generations to come.  We will ensure that future development in Orkney is sustainable and that economic, environmental and social factors are well balanced. 

Local Outcome Improvement Plans are rolling plans and are updated every year.

We welcome all comments and suggestions, please see our contact page.  Your feedback will help us ensure that future plans continue to reflect the ambitions of Orkney residents for their community.    

Orkney Community Plan 2019-2022 incorporating the LOIP and Equality Impact Assessment.

Our annual reports show our progress and activities and our Annual Report for 2018/19 is now available.

Previous plans can be found in the Library under Orkney Community Plan and Single Outcome Agreement respectively.

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