Advertising on Orkneycommunities.co.uk


We are pleased to offer opportunities to advertise on Orkneycommunities.co.uk, on the Orkney Image Library, and on the main Orkneycommunities home page.

Our statistics suggests that these pages are viewed by more than 1500 distinct visitors each day, with significantly more at peak times, so you can reach a wide audience by advertising here. Even better, any income from this is ploughed back into Orkneycommunities to continue improving services for our members and our visitors!


 Placement on Orkney Image Library page  Placement on main homepage

On the Image Library page there are positions for 120x150 pixel advertisments in the right hand column. Position 1 is always at the top, position 2 is always second and the ads in the positions labelled 3 rotate their order to get an equal time spent in third position. Ads on the Image Libary page can also be displayed with the pages for three Image Library Images of your choice.

On the main Orkneycommunities home page there are two positions for 400x50 pixel banners, labelled 4 and 5.

Ads can be in gif or jpg format, and gifs can be animated to display a number of frames. A web address can be associated with the ad, so that when it is clicked it takes you to that web address. 


Position Rate for two weeks Rate for four weeks
1 £25 £50
2 £20 £40
3 £15 £30
4 £50 £100
5 £50 £100

Payment to be made in advance via Paypal, using the link and information that will be provided in the email confirming the booking of the ad.

A receipt may be printed from Paypal.


Availability for ad placement may be checked using the calender here. If a place is booked for a certain day it will be shown by its number, i.e. 1,2,3,4 or 5.


Ads should be submitted to us as gif or jpg images of the appropriate size, with the desired URL for the image to link to, the numbers of any pictures that the ads should be linked with (up to 3 for Image Library adverts), with your contact details, including telephone number and address. This information will not be shared with third parties.

What to do

If you wish to advertise, follow the following steps:

1. Identify the position for your ad and when you wish it to run
2. Check availability using the calendar
3. Email contact@orkneycommunities.co.uk to make your booking, stating where and when you wish it to run. You will receive a confirmation email in return with payment details, with payment to be made in advance.
4. Submit ad and further information as described in the Specification paragraph above. 



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