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Sunday Club

During term time, pre-school and primary aged children are welcome to join the Sunday Club which meets in the meeting rooms of the
Kirk while adults attend the morning service. 

We join the service for approximately 20 minutes, bringing the bible in and lighting the candle at the start of the service and joining in the singing.  The minister and the children explore the theme for the week and it is rare that one or other of them doesn't get the giggles.
We then pray together and the children leave to continue exploring the story.

The adults as well as the children follow a common theme taken from ‘Spill The Beans’ material.  This resource was developed by a group of people from the Church of Scotland who got together to explore Bible passages and write worship and learning resources for their own congregations.  There is a particular ethos behind this material – it’s all about story.  When we spill the beans about anything, we tell the story of what happened and we share the story of what that means for us.

Active participation is encouraged through storytelling, games and craft. Children enjoy sharing their experiences with each other and when possible with the congregation.

In the run-up to Christmas, children from Sunday Club and the Children’s Forum rehearse for the annual Nativity Play which is performed before a packed church.

Attendance at Sunday Club has continued to increase and we are delighted!  There is still room for you if you would like to come.

We take it in turns to lead Sunday Club in teams for a fortnight at a time.  That way more people are able to help but can also still participate in the adult bit of the service.  If you have the time to join us please contact Avril.


Avril Hay

01856 721400


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