Management Committee

The Milestone Community Church Management Committee (MCCMC) was set up with the sole task of looking after the day to day running of the community building. It was proposed from the beginning of the project to have a management committee that was separate from the Church with its own committee and business account to advertise and publicise the building so it could be used and hired to any individual, group or organisation. Therefore the committee is made up of four members of the Church Board and three members of the general public who are not Church members.

We meet on a regular basis and we deal with any day to day issues that occur each month.
One of the most important members of the whole organisation is our booking clerk, Hazel Keveren. She is the first person to whom any group will enquire about the use of the building. Even before Church groups book the building they have to check with Hazel first to see if it's available!

We are very happy to see a wide range of groups hiring the building. After all it's not only a Church, it's a Community Church available for everyone.

The MCCMC members are:-

Chairman   David Hamilton    Tel 01856771499  

Secretary...Greer Norquoy    Tel. 01856721202 

e-mail  [email protected]

Treasurer...Alison Hawkins     Tel  01856761081    

e-mail  [email protected]  

Committee Members....Michelle Hill, Kristen Norquoy and Derek Johnston.

Booking Clerk... Hazel Keveren     Tel 771709

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