E-bulletin - issue 11 - July 2007

Welcome to another OCPP update, bringing you news and events from community planning partners in Orkney. If you would like to share information, promote your work, or place news on the community planning website please let us know by emailing communityplanning@orkney.gov.uk. Don't forget to pass this on to your partner agencies and thematic groups.

This month:

  1. Community Plan launch
  2. Community engagement - East Mainland feedback report
  3. Communities Advisory Group - Minute, 1 May 2007
  4. Best Value Review of consultation
  5. What is collaborative gain?

1. Community Plan launch

"Orkney 2020: Our Vision" - Orkney's new Community Plan for 2007-2020 was launched on 30th May. Many thanks to all of you who came along and a great deal of positive feedback has been received on both the plan, and the networking opportunity provided at the launch. Copies of the plan have been widely distributed, but please get in touch if you have not yet received a copy, or if you need more copies (communityplanning@orkney.gov.uk).

The plan is a useful resource for affirming our local priorities and we hope you will all continue to be ambassadors for community planning by using it to inform your strategic and action-planning.

2. Community engagement - East Mainland feedback report

In January, VAO visited St Andrews, as part of the community engagement programme. Issues arising from this meeting were circulated amongst community planning partners, so thank you to everyone who provided responses in relation to their area of expertise.

We have drafted a feedback newsletter to be distributed by the local Community Councils. It would be much appreciated if you could check that you are happy with the content.

You can see the East Mainland report here: http://tinyurl.com/yo5dyu

Please return any comments to communityplanning@orkney.gov.uk by Thursday 12th July 2007.

The deadline for responses to the last 4 community engagement reports from Orphir and Stenness, Stromness, Shapinsay and Sanday was Friday 22nd June. If you are able to act upon any of these issues raised, or can provide any helpful information, I would be grateful if you could still let me know so we can provide feedback to the communities, which from their perspective is very much appreciated.

You can also view all the other area reports on the community planning website: http://www.orkneycommunities.co.uk/COMMUNITYPLANNING/index.asp?pageid=965

Feel free to pass on this information to any interested parties, and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch (communityplanning@orkney.gov.uk).

3. Communities Advisory Group - Minute, 1 May 2007

The minute of the last CAG meeting, including discussion on potential restructuring of the Partnership is now on the website: http://tinyurl.com/2psp6s

4. Best Value Review of consultation

At the May meeting of the Communities Advisory Group, it was agreed that members would find it useful to establish a baseline of the types of public consultation engagement or involvement which are required by statute, or by Scottish Executive policy directives.

The Council has scheduled a Best Value review of Consultation, which is to be carried out this year. At its meeting held on 24 April 2007, the OCPP Steering Group's consensus was that consultation should be reviewed on a Partnership-wide basis. The proposal to formally invite members of the Partnership to be part of this review, which is likely be initiated later in the summer, and report by 31 October, is now being recommended to the Council's Monitoring and Audit Committee.

5. What is collaborative gain?

Collaborative gain is when enhanced/additional services or lower costs are achieved by partnership working. This principle is central to Community Planning. For a briefing note by the Improvement Service follow the link below. http://tinyurl.com/2x6xy9

We need you!

Remember to let us know if you have any upcoming events, consultations, meetings or general information sharing for the next e-bulletin in August.

This e-bulletin has been sent to members of the OCPP Steering Group, Local Economic Forum, Environment Partnership, and Communities Advisory Group. Please feel free to forward this e-bulletin to the other community planning subgroups, and any other organisations, groups or individuals you think would be interested.

Eileen Linklater
Orkney Community Planning Partnership
Email : communityplanning@orkney.gov.uk
Website: www.orkneycommunityplanning.org.uk

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