Consultation & Engagement

Consultation and engagement are at the heart of community planning.  Engagement is about involving communities to ensure that they have a say in the way that the services they use are run. Improving engagement means moving the conversation from simply providing information towards real engagement and partnership with the community, so that everyone in Orkney can participate in a dialogue about what happens in Orkney, based on trust.

Consultation is one of four levels of engagement, along with informing, involving and partnership:

The Orkney Partnership is developing ways of engaging more productively with communities across Orkney, investing in a community engagement tool – also available to local groups – so that everyone can contribute and see the value of their participation.

Current consultation

In Summer 2021 The Orkney Partner's Child Poverty Task Force launched a consultation on Making Ends Meet. The survey is open ended, aiming to gather information - as it happens - from families experiencing hardship. Information from the survey will be used to inform the development of the Child Poverty Strategy.

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Community Justice
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