The Orcadian Competition was fished on Sunday 25th May 2008.
12 anglers filled the OISAA's club boat 'Welcome Home' which was skippered by Roy Anderson.
15 knot north-east winds and a bright, dry sky made for a perfect day.
The 'Welcome Home' stopped at the Heal for 1 or 2 mackerel and then steamed south to Rora for the first drift.  Further moves south to the Yellow Kist and then right down to The Berry were tried. Fishing was patchy with some cod, small ling and pollack in the baskets.  One good cuckoo wrasse of 0.6kg was caught.
A final drift back at the Yellow Kist, before finishing for the day at the Caves where Ken caught the big one.
First Heaviest Basket  ---------- Gregor Hay - 16.2kg
Second Heaviest Basket ------ Paul Firth (J) - 15.55kg
Third Heaviest Basket  --------- Ken O'Connor - 13.0kg
First Heaviest Fish ---------  Ken O'Connor  - 6.85kg Ling
Second Heaviest Fish ----  Gregor Hay  - 6.55kg Ling
Third Heaviest Fish --------  Allen Wilson - 5.1kg Ling
Best Junior ---------  Paul Firth  - 15.55kg
Total catch 102.5kg (Average 8.54kg per angler)
Trophies and prizes were presented on the pier on behalf of The Orcadian by Bertie Robertson.
 Shopping Week Sea Angling Results - 26 July 2008
12 anglers, including 3 visitors, took part in the Shopping Week Competition. This 2-day competiton had been delayed from the previous weekend, and was fished over only 1 day. Moderate south-easterly winds allowed fishing on the face of Hoy with sunshine and warm breezes making it a pleasure. A points system was used to allow ‘catch and release‘ for any fish not needed.
The OISAA boat 'Welcome Home'  skippered by Mr. Terry sailed to The Heel for  mackerel, then on towards the Face of Hoy at 9am for competition ‘lines down‘.  A long drift at St. John’s Head produced a few catches of pollack, cod and ling. Moves to Rackwick, deep off Rora and then closer in produced a few more fish, before better drifts past The Cave to finish with at 3.45pm for the steam home.
Points -- 
1st  Eoin Rendall  41,   2nd Derek Firth  32,   3rd Leslie Fettes 28.
Heaviest Fish --
1st Stuart Flett (6lb 13oz Cod),  2nd Peter Robertson (5lb 1oz Cod), 3rd Dave Bertram (4lb 10oz Cod).
Average Points 14 per angler.
Mrs. Maureen Firth on behalf of OISAA presented the Trophies, including the Colin (Chawbie) Wylie memorial Trophy for the heaviest fish.
Prizes were donated by Billy & Sheena Sinclair, W.S. Sinclair, Stromness and Mr. Gerry Wilson from Holm.
The Association would like to thank Mr. Terry the skipper for taking us out at short notice, and Mr. Ronnie Tait for help at the pier morning and evening time.
Stan Pyke Sea Angling Competition
The Stan Pyke Sea Angling Competition was held on Sunday 3rd August 2008 with seven anglers fishing from the oisaa's boat 'Welcome Home' skippered by Mr. T.
Light northerly winds allowed the boat to head west and clouds changed to sunshine in the afternoon.
Mackerel were plentiful at the Heel, then right down to The Berry for the first drift. Fish were scarce here so a move to Little Rackwick and then The Yellow Kist gave better catches of ling, cod and pollack. At this point the pollack fishers began to catch, with several doubles and at least one treble. Moves north to The Old Man and then finally at the Caves before lines-up. One medium female ballan wrasse was also caught and released.
1st    Heaviest Catch - Derek Firth – 30.95kg
2nd  Heaviest Catch - Paul Firth – 27.20kg
3rd    Heaviest Catch – Gerry Wilson – 15.20kg
1st   Heaviest Fish - Gerry Wilson - 4.3kg  Ling
2nd  Heaviest Fish - Gerry Wilson – 3.75kg Cod
3st   Heaviest Fish – Billy Blance – 3.65kg  Cod
1st   Junior - Paul Firth - 27.20kg
Total catch for the seven anglers that weighed in was 100kg (average 14kg per angler)
Thanks to Mr. Stan Pyke who kindly sponsored the competition, and Mr. Ronnie Tait for helping on the pier morning and evening.
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Orkney Islands Sea Angling Association would like to thank their sponsors for their sponsorship and support.
William Shearer
Cooke Aquaculture Scotland
Jean Geddes
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