25 September 2020Orkneycommunities 2020 AGM


Orkneycommunities.co.uk is once again holding an online AGM.

Agenda items are to be notified to enquiries@vaorkney.org.uk by 27th September. Members will have been notified of this by email.

The AGM commences on 28th September to allow discussion to take place on notified agenda items until 4th October 2020, during which time amendments can be notified.

Coinsideration of all agenda items will then take place from 5th October until 11th October 2020.

Please register your acceptance or otherwise of the agenda items present by placing a comment at the item, identifying yourself and your group.

Each Group which is a member of Orkneycommunities.co.uk (i.e. has an orkneycommunities.co.uk website) has one vote, and is strongly encouraged to use it!

Due to the nature of the online AGM there is no AOCB section, and therefore all items for discussion are listed as a separate agenda item.  Members are invited to forward any items they wish to appear on the Agenda prior to the start of the AGM, by 27th September. 

Members are also encouraged to become a member of the orkneycommunities.co.uk Management Committee.  All nominations to Committee are to be received by 27th September 2020, with all member organisations of orkneycommunities.co.uk eligible to nominate a representative to stand for the Management Committee. Please send nominations to enquiries@vaorkney.org.uk


12 July 2019Orkneycommunities 2019 AGM: 5/8/19


Orkneycommunities.co.uk will be holding its AGM at 2.30pm on Monday 5th August 2019, in the Boardroom of Voluntary Action Orkney, 6 Bridge Street, Kirkwall.

Note in a departure from recent years this will be an actual meeting rather than an online process, and each member organisation of Orkneycommunities.co.uk, i.e. each community group with an Orkneycommunities website, is invited to send a representative.

The agenda for the AGM as it currently stands is listed below.

Agenda items, timescale, and voting process

  1.  Report of last AGM
  2. Chairperson's report
  3. Financial report
  4. Election of committee
  5. Appointment of Examiner of Accounts

The reports will be circulated ASAP, prior to the AGM.

If members wish additional agenda items to be considered, they should be notified to enquiries@vaorkney.org.uk by 22nd July 2019.

Committee Membership

There are vacancies for new members on our committee. If you are interested in joining the committee, again please indicate this to  enquiries@vaorkney.org.uk by 22nd July 2019.

Committee duties are not onerous- typically the committee will meet four or five times per year, with each meeting lasting about an hour. Meetings take place at the same venue as the AGM, usually at noon on a weekday.

Ideas and suggestions

Members are encouraged to contact the webmaster at any time with suggestions on how to improve Orkneycommunities.co.uk, to report problems, or to request training on how to use the system. Please contact Steven Heddle on 877119 or email steven@kw15.co.uk

Change of details

If your contact details for web administrator or treasurer for invoicing have changed please send updated details to Leona Norquay at VAO, enquiries@vaorkney.org.uk

Previous AGMs

The minutes and reports of previous AGMs can be found at http://www.orkneycommunities.co.uk/AGM in the Documents library.



14 August 2017Orkneycommunities Online AGM has started.

The 2017 Online Agenda has started. 

Please visit the Agenda page and start at Welcome to see the process, and thereafter the agenda items.

Now is the opportunity to propose any amendments and discuss them, up until 21st August. Then voting will take place from 21st-28th August.

Please register your attendance at the AGM by commenting with your name and group on first item of the Agenda (1. Welcome).

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