Housing Project - Beechwood

After a sucessful funding award from the Scottish Land Fund we have been able to purchase an existing property on Stronsay for refurbishment.

The project is designed to bring an empty 3-bedroom property on Stronsay back into use. The property will be renovated to a high standard and have good energy efficiency with the aim of keeping the running costs down for tenants. The completed property will provide much needed accommodation for a family on the island.

Stronsay has a serious lack of housing and this is impacting on the islands ability to retain and attract households. Currently key workers on the island are struggling to find permanent accommodation and this is impacting on recruitment. Having additional affordable housing on the island will help the sustainability of the island.

The Stronsay Development Trust will utilise a suitably qualified letting agent to allocate and manage the property once complete.

This project will help provide an additional family property on the island, bring an empty property back into use and help prove the concept for additional affordable housing projects on Stronsay.


Work has begun with Castlehill Construction winning the contract.  First stage is to clear the site and receive materials.


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