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We currently live totally 'off-grid' in Central Portugal,having 'retired' at 50, providing our own power via solar, making far too much wine and growing most of our food.
It's not bad but 40C and blue skies aren't always welcome.
We will be moving to Orkney within the year and Stronsay, after researching various Isles and their DT's is top of our list. Shame we can't move now as their are some lovely houses and land for sale at the moment!
Posted by Steve and Keren Pugh on 29 July 2015
Love the website!
Had an amazing time here.
Posted by Simon Andras Peter on 16 February 2014
Just a Note of Thanks..
I am from an old Orkney family, the history of which came my way, like the person who discovers an historic cave by falling into it by accident, on a casual walk.

My subsequent research and extended project have taken me to Orkney, to our ancestral home of Grimbister, to Finstown, to Wyre where our old grandpa Kolbein built his wee stone fortress in the early 1100's, and I also visited Stronsay and Papa Stronsay, where I found the man I wanted to talk to, a Priest and a Turfus originally from Redlands, a farm adjacent to Grimbister where his family lived alongside our family, many many years ago.

I was given a tour of Stronsay by Bruce Fletcher and his charming wife Maureen, whom I had met on a now somewhat defunct Orkney chat site. I truly would like to have overstayed in that area for awhile, feeling drawn somewhat to the quiet sense of peace which comes from living a quiet soulful life in a more remote natural environment. The sea of course, provides a dramatic backdrop full of never-ending change and challenges, and becomes the door through which people enter or leave Stronsay.
I want to thank you for your online efforts, and I wish to ensure you that people across this world read and enjoy every word yo write, and every photo you take is a joy. You can' t post too many photos, or too many local short stories and poems. Art and writing are windows to those Stronsay souls and hearts.

I had read where in fact some of the old stonework in Stronsay involved members of our family, many many years ago. It would be so nice to roam those isles in yesteryear, but with the help of organizations and efforts such as yours, we can create the past, in our hearts and minds.

Thank you so much for your valuable contributions:

Stephen Davie
Central Ontario
Posted by Stephen Davie on 27 June 2011
Came across this site. It brought back many fond memories of a beautiful island and wonderful people.
Posted by Kenny Borthwick on 01 September 2009
Just visiting

Just passed by as I'm researching for Stonsay.Com - can you find room for a link back from your links page?

I have added the Stronsay development Trust to Stronsay.Com

Posted by Stronsay.Com on 11 April 2009
Athenia lifeboat
Posted on 26 November 2007
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