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Many thanks to Isobel Tipler for the photos.

Holm Regatta 2006

Go Quickly Red
Mercury Too with Freddy Johnstone
H25 Njord
Hassfang with Alan Donaldson
Hamba with Charlie Siderfen
Mercury Too and Hassfang chasing Moonstone
Aquamania with Lindy Birse
Ian Rushbrook on Solitaire
Rural Girl and Andante
Ella and Eclipse "Starboard!"
Go Quickly Red and Moonstone chasing Bonxie.
Bonxie followed by Go Quickly Red
Wild Goose
Lady Midnight
Scooby with John Love
Best Kens
Moonstone and Nemo "Starboard!", Alfie Flett in Rosebud in the background.
Hamba "tacking!"
Vendetta and Mercury Too
Jammie Dodger
Valhalla with Alan Aim
Aquamania; Malcolm Gordon and Lindy Birse
Katoosh with Lady Midnight
Plum Crazy
Banana Split
The Start
Closing on the windward mark
Wild Goose
Nemo and Go Quickly Red
Mark Taylor
Wild Goose at the Allcomers' start
Neil Foubister on Nemo
Holm Regatta 1992

Kirkwall Regatta 2006

Nemo chasing down a some Rockets.
Silver Fern
Go Quickly Red with Malcolm Tipler and Rachel Roberts. Nemo again.

Westray 2005; Peter and Andrew Wibroe sailing Fiddlesticks, Neil Foubister in Nemo and Richard Lambert in Njord. Nemo wasn't ahead of Njord for long.

Island Games Team 2005, on the ferry to Shetland. L to R Neil Brown, Lee Thompson, Andrew Leslie, Ian Rushbrook.A drift of Lasers. Start of an Island Games Race.
Njord with Richard Lambert and John Williams, Holm Regatta 2004.
Start of an evening race, summer 2004.
Neil Foubister racing with Richard Lambert at the Budworth Open 2004: #1, #2, #3, #4,
snipes points racing, 11th June 2004.
more snipes from 1995??
Snipes moored before a race
1950 Holm Regatta

Erma, H1 with Neil Foubister and Alan Donaldson

Viking, H2 with Alfie Flett.
I'm Alone, H4 an early Holm Snipe with Willie Alan
Vital Spark, H5 in a spot of bother
Kontiki, H7
Fleetwing, H8 with Jack McIntosh (crew) and Fred Johnstone (helm)
Valhalla, H10 with Alan and Brian Aim, 1998 Holm Regatta.
Sceptre, H12 on dry land
Lady midnight, H13
Margarita, H15
Horsegowk, H16 Lynn Foubister
Cobra, H17 with Magnus Bain and Alan Donaldson
Moonstone, H22 with Neil Foubister and Andrew Leslie
Nemo, H26 with Neil Foubister.
Blue Streak, with John Love and his daughter Deborah.

Lena The New Rescue boat for Holm Sailing Club

Rosebud Old Rescue boat for Holm Sailing Club, with Alfie Flett and Billy Sinclair
in tow Snipes being towed back from Longhope Regatta by the Hoyhead
1920 Holm sailing club ball
ready to race before drysuits
John Tait
Raft Race
orkney challenge
more orkney challenge
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