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Monologue Workshops - sign up now!
Over the weekend of 9 to 11 October there is a fantastic, free, opportunity to work with Carole...
Stromness Drama Club
Just a thought
Seek the Lord while he may be found,      call upon him while he is...
Orphir and Stenness Church
Just a thought
Long Life:  A tough old cattleman from Jindabyne [south-east Australia] counselled his ...
Orphir and Stenness Church
Just a thought
Suffering:  Jesus doesn't give an explanation for the pain and sorrow of the world....
Orphir and Stenness Church
Orkneycommunities 2020 AGM
NOTICE OF 2020 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Orkneycommunities.co.uk is once again holdin...
AGM 2020
Just a thought
Nature Wisdom  Don't be sad that roses have thorns; be glad that thorns have roses....
Orphir and Stenness Church
U3A National Newsletter - September 2020
If you wish to keep up to date with what is happening in the wider U3A organisation, there is l...
Orkney U3A
Just a thought
God within us:  Within each of us exists the image of God, however disfigured and corru...
Orphir and Stenness Church

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06 October 2020
Stromness Drama Club - Online Play Reading Session full events listing >>

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2. Report of last AGM
The report can be read here   The committee recommends that this report is&nb...
AGM 2020
3. Chairpersons Report
The Chairperson's Report can be read here. Please note the Committee's recommendat...
AGM 2020
6. Appointment of Examiner of Accounts
The Examiner of Accounts was Voluntary Action Orkney, who provided the service w...
AGM 2020
AGM 2020
4. Financial Report
The Treasurer's Report can be read here. Supporting documentation follows: Examined r...
AGM 2020
5. Election of Committee
A list of the existing committee who wish to continue follows.  The existing committee ...
AGM 2020

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Guernsey Island Games falls victim to Covid-19 Brexit and Covid-19 threaten 'a perfect storm' that will impact for years, Garcia says Is Shetland willing to 'raise the drawbridge' to go it alone with 'islands approach' to Covid-19 ... North Isles By-election — three days to the poll SA's worst ever earthquake was in the Western Cape – but it wasn't typical

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Local Housing Strategy Survey MSPs “better informed” following discussions with Orkney’s young people North Isles by-election – advice for voters Kerbside Recycling - 28 September Doors Open Days