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AGM - Tuesday 2 February
Although there's not been a lot happening on the drama scene for obvious reasons, its time ...
Stromness Drama Club
Just a thought
Listening:  Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with t...
Orphir and Stenness Church
Just a thought
Jesus:  Sure, people need Jesus, but most of the time, what they really need is for som...
Orphir and Stenness Church
St Andrews & Deerness Community Council One Year grass Cutting Contract - 2021 Season
If you wish to tender for the 2021 Season 1-year grass cutting contract at all or any of t...
St Andrews & Deerness Community Council
Just a thought
Spiritual Wisdom  I have always held firmly to the thought  that each one of us...
Orphir and Stenness Church
Just a thought
Love and Listening:  The first duty of love is to listen.   Paul Tillich...
Orphir and Stenness Church
Just a thought
Listening and Obeying:  My dear brothers and sisters, always be willing to listen and s...
Orphir and Stenness Church
Just a thought
Listen to your life.  See it for the fathomless mystery that it is.  In the...
Orphir and Stenness Church
Weekly ZOOM services from next Sunday 24th January 2021
Weekly ZOOM services from next Sunday 24th January 2021 We extend a warm welcome to anyone w...
Orphir and Stenness Church

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26 January 2021
Stromness Drama Club - Committee Meeting
02 February 2021
Stromness Drama Club - AGM full events listing >>

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6. Appointment of Examiner of Accounts
The Examiner of Accounts was Voluntary Action Orkney, who provided the service w...
AGM 2020
2. Report of last AGM
The report can be read here   The committee recommends that this report is&nb...
AGM 2020
AGM 2020
3. Chairpersons Report
The Chairperson's Report can be read here. Please note the Committee's recommendat...
AGM 2020
4. Financial Report
The Treasurer's Report can be read here. Supporting documentation follows: Examined r...
AGM 2020
5. Election of Committee
A list of the existing committee who wish to continue follows.  The existing committee ...
AGM 2020

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Wintry weather enjoyed across Scotland this weekend, as cold temperatures expected to continue ... Shetland, Sky, Orkney … Island of Scotland in New GEO Magazine Content 'Maty' praised by international charity Orkney developers intend on generating green ammonia Scotland's remote learning postcode lottery: Just one in three councils say all their schools have ...