01 November 2021DRESSAGE LEAGUE

Our 6th and Final League with Fun Dressage to Music is on SATURDAY 18 DECEMBER - anyone who was entered for the November date that was postponed will have their entry carried forward to the 18th - but if you can't come that day then please let Helen know so she can take you off the list and amend the times.  

NEW ENTRIES are very welcome.  Send your details and the classes you want to do to Helen by Wednesday the 15th.  

Entry Forms and Details can be found on the links below.   

We will have a kitdhen so donations of goodies would be most appreciated. We hope to see a good turnout to either ride a test, or come to have some lunch, watch the Music tests, and find out the final league placings.

League 6 Entry Form:  


Dressage to Music Entry & Details:  


The League is open to all riders, who will collect Points over the season for each Placing - with separate Points for Seniors and Juniors.

Anyone with a Registered Native Pony will also have their scores included for the Thorfinn of Tormore Memorial Trophy.

Details are on the attached schedule below - any questions message Helen.


Walk & Trot Test:  


Prelim 2 Test:


Prelim 18 Test:


Novice 38 Test (long arena) 


Elementary 57  (long arena) 


Covid Contact Form:



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