28 February 2020WINTER WOOLIES SHOW - Sunday 22nd March


A Schedule and Entry Form can be found on the link above.  Please read the schedule carefully as it includes all the information you need.  

We are very grateful to Cooke Aquaculture for supporting this show.  

It's an OPEN Show, which means non-members are welcome, however all horses and ponies coming to the show MUST have at least the 1st part Flu vaccination.  Passports may be checked and any animal not having the minimum of the first part of the course will be asked to leave, and refunds will not be given.  

You can enter as many classes as you are eligible for, but bear in mind that some classes may clash, and you may have to chose which one to take part in.  

The preferred method of entering is to email the entry / or the details to:  helenfoulis@btinternet.com and to pay via BACS - the details are on the schedule.  Entries will not be accepted until payment is received, and all Email/Bacs entries will be confirmed. 

The closing date for pre-entries is Sunday 15th March, after that a decision will be made as to whether any of the classes need merged or changed.  

The Kitchen is being run by the Riding the Marches Fundraisers.  The annual cost to stage this event is quite high, and is currently shared between Pony Club and Riding Club.  If anyone can offer to help in the kitchen on the day, or would like to offer some food - savoury or sweet - please contact Sonja Marwick at sonja.marwick@btinternet.com.   There will also be a Raffle and donations would be appreciated. 


03 February 20202020 Dressage Tests

The Dressage Tests we will use in the 2020 League can be found below in the following order:

Intro A for Minimus

Prelim 2 for Novice

Prelim 18 for Intermediate

Novice 38 for Open

and Elementary 57

Terry will be doing a couple of IMPROVERS DRESSAGE SESSIONS on Sunday 16th  February and Sunday 8th March.  To book a session contact Terry via email to:  mm3poi@btinternet.com or tel 741 233.  

We will have a pre-league Dressage competition on Sunday 29th March in the afternoon after the Long Reining session. 

Our Dressage League dates are: 

Sunday 12th April

Sunday 31st May

Thurday 25th June in the evening

Saturday 25th July 

Sunday 16th August

Sunday 27th September

Hopefully these will not need to be changed, however sometimes we do have to find another date.  








British Riding Clubs (BRC) is introducing new rules in 2020 regarding Flu Vaccines. From 1 March 2020 it will become mandatory when competing at Area Qualifers and Championships to have a flu vaccination within 6 month and 21 days of the competition. This does not mean vaccinations need to be done every 6 months; it means that the vaccination needs to be within 6 months and 21 days of the competition. For example, if your competition was the 22 September, you would need to have a vaccination after the 1 March (1 March - 1 September = 6months + 21 days = 22 September).
Local clubs remain autonomous and can decide what they will require for their own training and events. So for us, ORC has decided to introduce a policy of requiring an ANNUAL Flu vaccination for all horses and ponies that attend our events in the future. We realise that not all equines will currently have full cover – so for this year we are asking that they have at least started their vaccinations before coming to any ORC run events. You will need to bring proof that the course has started so make sure it’s recorded in their passports, or you can copy / take a photo of the relevant page and send in by email / fb message beforehand.
For horses travelling south, most events now insist on the six monthly vaccine, so ORC strongly recommends the six monthly booster for any horses travelling outwith Orkney.
We realise this is an extra added expense, however there is currently an Equine Vaccine Amnesty on offer where any horse getting their 1st vaccination in January or February, get the 2nd vaccine free. So this is a good time to contact your vets to arrange starting the course. Flett & Carmichael and Northvet are both taking part in the Amnesty.
This also seems a good time to remind everyone about ORC’s QUARANTINE rule regarding NEW horses into the county. All new horses must have undertaken a minimum of 14 days quarantine before coming to any ORC events. This also includes any horses that the new animal has come into contact with in the said first 14 days. As was proved last year, Quarantine, Isolation and good Bio Security measures, prevented a contagious disease from spreading any further.
If you have any questions regarding ORC’s rules/guidelines please ask, and your Vets will be able to give the best advice on vaccines etc.


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