Orkney Riding Centre

To book any of the facilities at the Orkney Riding Centre, please telephone 01856 872542 (Crantit Dairy) preferably during working office hours.  The facilities are booked on an hourly basis.  A price list can be found on the link below. 

All users are asked to leave the place clean & tidy, sweep floors, make sure all lights (including outdoor) are switched off. There is no caretaker, so we rely on all users to 'do their bit' and tidy up after themselves.  

Equestrians are asked to NOT tie up any haynets indoors, and to pick up all horse droppings before you finish your session.  

The equipment on top of the kickboards (poles, jumpkins, etc) is included in the school hire, but anything behind the sliding doors and under the kickboards are NOT to be used.  Any damages should be reported on your payment slip. 

Payment should be posted in the safe (on the wall opposite the kitchen door).  There are plastic bags to put your payment in and leave a note of hirer name & time, and post into the safe. 

The current charges can be found on the link below:



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