Orcadian Boat Terms



 Bilge-kods  Bilge keels.
 Helwel (holywale)  The rubbing strake, fitted on the outside of the gunwale.
Huddeens-Hoodends  Where the ends of the planks attach to the stem or sternpost.
 Hunnyspot  Breasthook
 Keeldright  A sacrificial keel fitted to the main keel to take the wear when hauling on a stony beach.
 Mullack  A piece of wood attached to the keel/stem at the forefoot to protect from hitting against rocks. This was popular in Rackwick, for obvious reasons.
 Pump-thaft  A hollow thaft that conducts the bilge-water over the side from the pump.
 Sailing-thaft  Thwart that supports the mainmast.
 Shangie  A loop of rope cow-hitched round the mast to hold the bottom end of the spreet.
 Skare  Scarf (joint in a plank).
 Slates  Wooden protective wear-plates nailed to the square section of the oar where it bears between the thole pins.
 Spreet  Sprit that holds up the peak of the sail.
 Strake  Stroke (plank).
 Thaft  Thwart.
 Thowls  Thole pins.
 Timmers  Timbers (the ribs).
 Tomeboy  A forked piece of wood inserted in the thowl socket for hauling fishing lines over – otherwise the line would cut into the wood of the gunwale.
 Tulfers  The bottom boards.
 Wiring  The stringer that supports the thafts.

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