Cycle Slideshow

At some point Garve would like to create the option whereby you can create a Gallery on a page, but tick a box to have it show as a slideshow. But until he can find the time...

Users who have paid for Gold status have the option to use jQuery javascript on the site. Spanglefish also includes a couple of jQuery plugins - Fancybox and Cycle Lite.

Cycle Lite lets you create a slideshow, but to do so you'll need to edit your html in source mode.

You add a number of images within a container. In the example below the container has the class 'slideshow'.

<div class="slideshow">
<img alt="" src="documents/ss1.jpg">
<img alt="" src="documents/ss2.jpg">
<img alt="" src="documents/ss3.jpg">

Once you've done that, you need to tell the Cycle Lite plugin to do its magic on the contents of any container with the class 'slideshow'.

Go to Site Settings --> Advanced --> Insert jQuery Javascript and in the 2nd box enter


That should give you a result like the one below.


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