Local Action Group (LAG) Meetings & Application Deadlines


The LEADER Programme is currently closed for new applications. The future of any further funding for community-led local development in Orkney is unclear, until the outcome of Brexit is known. However, if you have a project in mind which you think may be eligible for funding please contact the LEADER team on 01856 873535 extension 2855.


IMPORTANT For your application to be considered at the Local Action Group (LAG) meeting the LEADER Development Officer will need to see at least one draft version of your application (including the project plan) at least two weeks before the deadline for submission, in order to provide you with feedback.

You will then need to provide all supporting documentation before the deadline date shown below. Any missing information or documentation may result in a delay to your application being processed.

Planning permission (if required) MUST be in place before an application can be submitted.


Deadline for Draft Applications

Deadline for Applications

LAG meeting date


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