Core Themes

The Orkney LEADER Programme aims to ‘achieve an increase in sustainable employment and incomes, and in social cohesion and quality of life, and to conserve and enhance the high quality of heritage and environment whilst maximizing the benefits of economic, social and environmentally sustainable terms’.

LEADER funding will therefore be used to help support the local economy and communities to become stronger and more resilient, building capacity within communities.  To achieve this core themes were identified as priorities for the Orkney LEADER programme, with any project wishing to apply for funding required to demonstrate strong linkages to at least one of the themes.

Click on each theme for more information:

Support small business and enterprise start-up, growth and diversification

The Local Action Group has agreed that funds will be focused on sectorial support rather than individual businesses (with the exception of farm diversification projects).

For individual business support, please contact:

Business Gateway, 14 Queen Street, Kirkwall  KW15 1JE

Tel No: 01856886666

[email protected]


Support for Orkney’s tourism, cultural heritage, crafts, and food & drink sectors

Support for Orkney’s community services and facilities

Support for Orkney’s natural environment and development of sustainable energy

Support the development of Orkney’s fisheries sector and communities

Please note, projects supported under the core theme ‘Support the development of Orkney’s fisheries sector and communities’ will be funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) and not the LEADER programme.  For more information please see the Fishieries Local Action Group website.













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