22 November 2022
It's Our Choice Orkney Rally

It's Our Choice Orkney Rally

it's our choice. orkney rally to be held on the kirk green at 5.15pm on wednesday 23rd november 2022.

On Wednesday the 23rd of November the UK Supreme Court will decide if the Scottish Parliament can hold a lawful independence referendum or not.

Regardless of the outcome of this hearing, Yes Orkney will be taking part in a pro-democracy rally on St. Magnus Cathedral Kirk Green at 5.15pm.

Many other rallies will happen across Scotland - because whatever the result, it will impact on Scotland's right to self determination.

All peoples have the right to self determination under the United Nations Charter, to which the United Kingdom is a signatory. The autonomy of Scots law was protected under the terms of the Treaty of Union, and the Claim of Right (recognised in Westminster and by King Charles upon his accession to the throne) gives ultimate power to the Scottish people to decide their own government. If the UK Parliament refuses to recognise any of these things, British democracy will be in very poor shape indeed. "Our Precious Union" will no longer have even the pretence of being voluntary, but wil instead be a political prison.

You can register at timeforscotland.scot to keep up with events.

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