My thoughts on Scotland's direction after independence:

There are four pillars that support the Orkney economy; energy, farming, fisheries and tourism, and I would estimate that each of these brings in around £25M per annum to the Orkney islands; onshore wind energy has been part of Orkney for over thirty years, and accordingly we are now a net exporter of renewable electricity, even before marine energy has been developed. This has been achieved while still keeping the Orkney economy in balance, and not to the detriment of our other industries.

One of the most important aspects of the referendum debate has been the potential impact upon the Scottish economy, and it is revealing that we have somewhat contrasting statements from the Scottish and Westminster parties regarding energy. On one hand we can have an economy that would produce 100% of the electricity we use from renewables, while we have the tory vision of fracking, nuclear and curtailment of onshore wind from April 2015. Scotland and England are clearly going in different directions, and I believe that we should aim to have a vibrant, sustainable Scotland after independence; we have the resources and the people to make it happen.
Posted by Richard G on 23 August 2014
As the clock winds down to Sept 18, the smoke and mirrors game will intensify, and the english will become nasty in their attacks against the YES campaign in their pathetic desperation to prevent Scotland from achieving her dream and manifest historical destiny. In the final weeks, it is important to keep sharp, keep focused, and wherever possible, to counter every blow delivered through the media, with two counterblows of those who instinctively know in their hearts and souls that a FREE and INDEPENDENT SCOTLAND is not a hollow dream, but a soon to be celebrated reality. Millions of Canadians of Scottish descent are watching, and wishing somehow we could be of more help.
Posted by Steve on 06 August 2014
Better together
It aint broke so don't fix it.

vote NO
Posted by alex on 07 July 2014
Hi alex. Its now Dec 2018. I would say its now well and truly broke....Wouldn't you ?
Posted by ian stewart on 29 November 2018
a real enlightenment?
how about a little more on a genuinely brave new scotland for the 21st century than money-grubbing?
what about a scotland never again grovelling to unelected monarchy and religions ( all i find in the boring handout re religion is that things will continue as they are- whatever that is, it certainly isn't good enough)?
what about some higher ideals to cheer us up while the central scotland privately educated tartan pseuds keep on country dancing, prancing and banking?
why should i bother to vote for westminster-in-holyrood?
what about a REAL enlightenment?
alison sutherland
Posted by a sutherland on 17 March 2014
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