13 October 2022
Potential solutions to energy crisis and fuel poverty

Yes Orkney explores potential solutions to energy crisis and fuel poverty

Yes Orkney is focusing on the theme of energy and fuel poverty in the month of October with a street stall planned to look at why our energy is costing so much and what might be done about it.

A talk and Q&A with Quebec energy expert Patrick Goulet will look at how that Canadian province nationalised its energy system, the challenges involved and how that has benefited the population there over the years.

patrick goulet

The street stall will be in Kirkwall on Saturdays 15 October, with the online event with Patrick Goulet of Energie Solaire Quebec taking place on Wednesday 19 October at 7.30pm. Registration is via https://www.orkneysnp.scot/patrick-goulet/.

Robert Leslie of Yes Orkney said: “For too many years the UK energy system and how it is regulated has worked against folk in Orkney, not least by the way we are charged more than anywhere else for the electricity we use, but also the high charges for renewable generators to connect to the grid.

“There is a cruel inequity in a system that charges such high prices for a fuel that is generated so readily on our doorstep in quantities that outstrip demand by up to 130% annually.

“At a time when electricity prices are harming folk economically and socially – threatening lives and livelihoods – we feel it is important to explore how things could be done differently, and in a way that is fairer for all, making Orkney’s energy work for Orkney’s people, not private energy companies and their shareholders.”


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