In this section, you can find just a small sample of some of activities with which the project has been involved.

Firstly, a new site on Orkney's furthest flung island. Click on the link  Westness Wood, North Ronaldsay to see the owner's lovely account of creating their new small woodland following advice from OWP and with funding from the Woodland Trust Scotland. 

From one of the most recent of OWP projects, to one of the earliest (and largest), planted in 1998/9, Muddisdale wood, on the edge of Kirkwall is a public open space, with a well-used path system and areas of both native and non-native trees, including some that are less common in Orkney. It is now well-established and well used, including by bird watchers, as it attracts migrant and breeding birds. Sadly, in recent years, many of the fine Ash trees have succumbed to Ash dieback disease, but hopefully the wood will continue to evolve and develop and to provide shelter for people and wildlife.

OWP has a long-standing connection with the Friends of Happy Valley and has obtained funding and practical help to a number of stages of tree planting over the years. These have involved non-native species adjacent to the mature woodland and areas of native species in new areas of the land. The trees have established very well in this sheltered spot and are adding to the long-standing appeal of Edwin Harrold's mature woodland garden. These new areas are helping to spread the footfall around this very popular spot.

tree planting at happy valley

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