Orkney Woodland Project has produced a variety of leaflets, which you can access online here. Hard copies of some are available as described below.

1. 'Orkney Woodland Design Guide - Selecting and establishing trees for woodland projects in Orkney' . This recently revised booklet contains lots of practical advice and information about establishing trees in the Orkney environment. There are also hard copies of the original version available and these contain most of the basic information and advice.


2.  'Woodland Walks in Orkney'. This booklet contains information and maps of six local woodland walks. 


3.  'Salmonberry - a woodland invader'  This leaflet helps identify and explains the very invasive nature of Salmonberry (Rubus spectabilis) which can encroach into young and mature woods, resulting in a severe loss of biodiversity.


4.  'Protecting Trees on Development Sites' This leaflet discusses the processes involved in getting planning permission where trees are involved and how to protect existing trees whilst development works are goung on. Hard copies may be available from OIC offices.


5.  'Caring for Mature Trees in Orkney'. This leaflet discusses the legal protection of trees and the correct methods that can be used to undertake any essential work. Hard copies may be available from OIC offices.


Other Useful Links

Another very useful document, packed full of information, is the 'Highlands and Islands Woodland Handbook' (you can find an Orkney contribution to it on page 179, but the whole publication is well worth a read).

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