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by Sally H - 20:46 on 25 July 2019
Twelve members congregated at Corrigall Farm Museum for the July Photography Group 1 Meeting. Despite heavy rain in the morning, by two o’clock the sun was shining, the wind had dropped and the sky was blue for our visit. There was plenty to photograph at the museum and it was agreed that it was a place that you could keep going back to. Maybe finding different things to photograph or with changed lighting conditions or new equipment to try out.
Members signed the visitor book, some commenting that they hoped the museum would continue to stay open in the future as an excellent place to visit, both for islanders and visitors.
A quick visit to Kirbister Museum was suggested and so some members took off for a flying visit to Kirbister, with it’s amazing “firehoose.”
Refreshments were taken at the Merkister Hotel where photos were passed around. The first subject was the June visit to the Fern Valley Animal Sanctuary, so a variety of animals, reptiles and birds were represented including Raccoon Dogs, lemurs, mice, iguanas, ring-necked parakeets, terrapins and of course, Meerkats.  An image of a laid back Raccoon Dog caught the eye. One image taken through the window of an enclosure seemed to show two Photo Group1 members inside the enclosure!
Some “Happiness” photos from Tom included some cute sleeping ducklings.
A  table of chocolate goodies at Chocolate Mountain on the Bettyhill Trip, made those of us who did not go there, to resolve to visit it  in the future. An image of a  Highland Cow with lopsided horns on the Bettyhill Trip was unusual. Photos of razorbills and guillemots on the cliffs at Duncansby Head were striking. A stairway to nowhere, made an interesting photo too.
The next topic was “insects” and a variety of butterflies including Painted Ladies and a Red Admiral were shown. A white butterfly on a red campion flower gave a good contrast. Sally also had an image of a Peacock butterfly which she had to admit was a deceased one that she had found and now kept in a pot! It was still amazingly colourful.
A leaf cutter ant was presumably taken on holiday!  Even a carving of a dragonfly was shown. An image of a bright green beetle was captured at Lotte Glob’s place during the Bettyhill visit. A spider in a web with its prey, and a host of flying insects were shown, many from Tom. A close-up of a bee from Jeannie was unusual as it was taken straight on, looking into its face. Anne’s bee in flight showed a blur of wings, which gave the impression of movement. Emperor Moth Larvae were shown by both David and Sally. 
The project for the month is “Flowers and other Plants.”
The next meeting is on August 21st, possibly Shapinsay, taking a car or two so that the east side can be explored, especially Boroughston Broch. The cafe is not open this season, but the Heritage Centre is providing an area where you can get “help your self" teas, coffees and biscuits (for a donation) and where you could eat your packed lunch if the weather is poor (and a good place to view photos). It is open 1200-1600. More information to follow.


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