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u3a Cinema Group - October 2023 (2)

by Keith Ramsay - 18:39 on 28 October 2023
Attendance at the latest outing showed a 100% increase over last time! I know Science Fiction isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (you’ve told me!), but it was good to see people who were prepared to give it a go! 
It was a fairly formulaic Star Wars type of movie, except that the baddie this time was a an all powerful computer in the guise of a child. Nothing very original there, but at least it gave the special effects guys lots to play with.
As a geek,I would have liked a bit more depth & technical background  to the story, rather than the usual AI mantra of the all-seeing intelligence bent on controlling us all.
 The effects were very clever, if you like that sort of thing. As usual with the genre, there were no big stars in the cast, except for Gemma Chan from BBC’s ‘Humans’ (she is in danger of being typecast as a robot!), & Alison Janney (CJ from ‘West Wing’ ),leaving more money in the budget for the graphics……how long, I wonder, before an AI is producing its own films? One of many scary thoughts associated with AI……
Nobody in our group actively disliked it, but there was some ‘damning with faint praise’, which I think was justified. And it kept us all quiet for a couple of hours! (No mean feat!). As usual, we went for a chat about the film in the Picky coffee bar afterward where we put the world to rights, amongst other things.
There are a couple of good films on the way, back on more familiar ground, so watch out for our plans to go & see them. The more, the merrier!
All the best, Keith.

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