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U3A Photo Group One - Jan 2019

by Tim Wright - 14:29 on 25 January 2019


Twelve of us met in Dounby School for presentations.

First up was Tom speaking about Visual Perceptions showing how the brain was fooled by the surroundings in to thinking that objects were larger, lines were moving and lines were uneven when in fact they were the same size, static or parallel. We then moved onto viewing some of Tom's photos from St Margaret's Hope plus a number from other members. It is always interesting to see what others have missed or how different compositions of the same subject alter one's perception of them.

Judy then gave us a Trip around China with a cruise along the Yangtze. The highlight was seeing the Warrior Army in Xa’in. The scale of the Army can barely be appreciated from the photos as it is in three vast buildings with thousands of Terracotta Soldiers and Horses in every direction. Undoubtedly mind bending when one thinks that it is thought that this is only a small fraction of what is underground yet to be excavated.

Lastly, Steve showed us how to manipulate our photos on Photo Shop by adding a mushroom underside to a night shot to make the sky look more interesting. He followed this by adding a more interesting sky to one of his landscapes. All very skilful and now will make us question our perception of Steve's photos in future! 

After tea and lovely cakes from Barbara and Hilary, we perused the photos from Highland Park Distillery. The peat fires seemed to be the most photographed but the barrels came second. Again, the 4 photos of the stills from different people all had a different shade to them from a bronze look to a copper colour showing the difference in printers and cameras recording of colour.

The monthly project was "Music/Musical Instruments". We had a great variety from bands, groups and a large lady with a Tuba. We also had Guitars, Ukuleles, Organs and Organ Stops plus Bells and Chimes. Thanks to everyone for their excellent contributions.

The theme for the month is "Doors or Door Knockers".

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