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by Tim Wright - 20:19 on 27 January 2016

Dear Everyone ,

Nine of us met today at the Computer Room in Dounby for our usual January indoor session of Members Presentations .First off was David with a tour of Lanzarote (not Fueteventura as advertised, although we did see a distant view of it ) . Excellent photos of the Volcanoes (Extinct ) ,vineyards with individual walls for each vine along with Art work of Caesar Manrique ,all taken in sunshine brightened up what was  a very wet afternoon outside . 

Next up was Steve with photos of Herston Backpackers Hostel from 2008 and 2015 .Luckily this Hostel does not feature in the Orkney Tourist Guide but is ripe for those Photographers interested in gradual decay and destruction. Lots of moody photos of old furniture, reflections in mirrors and Ivy creeping under the window frames . However, amazingly for Steve ,not a spot of Rust discovered or seen.

Lastly ,Tim on his photos of a very rapid trip by bus around Tasmania .Luckily,he stopped long enough to take photos at most places while declining the other facilities .Rod ,a part time tourist guide ,gave us the tour guides perspective of the relentless schedule pursued on coach tours .

Thank you very much to all the members who contributed to a great afternoon's entertainment .

Photos of Kirkwall Harbour were looked at,as it was  the last Group outing. A sepia toned photo of Ayre Mills was unusual.The lighthouse on the old pier had caught the imagination with David's photo from a low view point the best .Other things that caught the eye were Ropes ,winches ,Boat sterns,and lots of reflections on the water .A very productive afternoon had obviously been had while the leader had been gadding about Australia .

"In the Kitchen" was the monthly project and produced a varied response with Food in a lot of photos  ,kitchen implements, cookers and micro waves plus people in the kitchen and even a Chef flambaeing a pan full of meat and probably singed his eyebrows in the process. 

Tea was then taken with some very tasty cakes and Rocky Road .Thank very much to the Cooks for that but we could have done with them for the previous project as they looked very attractive as well as being very filling .

The Next meeting will be at 11 am at Herston on  Wednesday February 24th  followed by lunch at the Sands Hotel.All this depends on the weather and alternative arrangements will be forth coming,if needs be, nearer the time .

The monthly project is "Transport /Garage Contents " .

Keep clicking ,


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