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by Tom Nimmo - 13:24 on 29 October 2015

Hello all.
It was a dry but grey day for our visit to Happy Valley.
There were seven intrepid snappers for our outing and the possible subjects for our photos included lichen,leaves and leaning-over-trees.
The burn wasn't as vigorous as it might have been and the waterfall was missing.
However a good hour and a bit passed in a flash(and a few of these were needed such was the shortage of daylight) before we went off to The Standing Stones Hotel.
The summer rush of camper vans and tour buses when the hotel was full to overflowing on the occasion of our Ness of Brodgar outing seemed along time ago and we all had a satisfying Midday meal.
The photos of last months visit to the Sands of Wright and Hoxa dams reminded us of the blue skies and sunshine which we enjoyed then.
Images included Montbretia,lichen, a close up of a cows eye,Montbretia, a pipit on a wire,people walking alongside a wall and Montbretia.
The monthly project which had been shadow(s) produced a varied selection of pictures and some discussion about how shadows and reflections
 were different but had some similarities.  Sally's cocktail cabinet produced coloured shadows.  Pink bales had intriguing shadows on them enticing us to guess...   of what?
Gravestones and fence posts cast their long shadows and Hillary had two excellent images of shadows cast by windows with a poignant story behind them from Oradour in France.
Yvonne confused our concept and understanding of shadows and reflections by a quite enigmatic picture of shadows reflected in a mirror.
Overall though ,I think our photos and discussion did throw some light on the subject of shadows.
We have decided that the group will meet again on the 25th November and we will visit the water treatment works at Orphir if Steve can organise this for us. 
The time of meeting and the venue for refreshments  will be decided later once we hear back from Steve. 
This months project topic is    "LIGHTS".
Keep Clicking,


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