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by Tim Wright - 12:14 on 05 June 2015

What a Great trip so Sanday for the ten who dragged themselves out of bed in the early hours to catch the ferry. We were blessed with blue skies and sun, a combination with Sanday's white beaches made for compelling photography. We started with bacon butties and coffee on the deck of the Varagan, looking at the Marco Polo anchored in the bay and gradually being disgorged of it's passengers. Then, lots of birds and views until we finally arrived in Sanday to be met by Evan Williams and the Sanday Afternoon Club Bus as well as Beth, a keen local Sanday photographer. We went straight to Stove and the old factory buildings there and ahead for a quick walk on the beach looking at the reflections in the pools of water. Stone, rust, verdigris and marsh marigolds were the favourite subjects. Next up, we stopped by an old cottage at Ayre's Rock Campsite that had lovely yellow lichen on the roof. We then went up to Scar and took photos of the sadly declining old farm house and the working farmyard. Next, a coffee stop at the Youth Centre followed by a trip to the graveyard at Backaskaill. There were some very old gravestones with the ground having been used since Medieval times. Then it was time for lunch at Belsair Hotel in Kettletoft and a wander down the pier for some, while others just sat in the sun and ate in peace.

Back on the bus we went up to look at the remains of the old destroyer on Lopness Beach but the tide was in and the rust hunters had to be content with a token offering just above the waves in the distance. Start Point was the next item on the agenda. We walked up to the Point as the track is very eroded and inpassable. Great views of the lighthouse were obtained, with a dramatic blue sky as well as seeing some Ringed Plovers and Dunlin. Back then to the Heritage Centre and the lovely little Croft House Museum, which is excellently set out. Finally, we rushed off to catch the ferry home after a photographic gem of a day. Many thanks to Evan and Beth for a memorable day. On the boat we viewed the photos of Kirbister Farm Museum. The most photographed item seemed to be the dried and smoked fish above the peat hearth. It was interesting to see the variation in colours different cameras and printers made of the same item. Plants and windows and their sills were popular too, as was detail of farm machinery.

"Three/Triangles" produced a plethora of ideas with "Threes" being the winner. Stones, birds, people and even brass monkeys got a look in although they were not needed on such a sunny day! A great selection to while away an hour on a boat journey.

The next meeting is on Wednesday 1st July at 2pm and we are going to Binscarth Woods. The project is "Flowers/Flours"

Keep Clicking, Tim

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