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by Tim Wright - 23:26 on 20 August 2014

Eleven of us went to Rousay for a day trip today, in three cars .The weather was wet and cool to start but brightened up in the afternoon for those who came back on the late boat. We started at Trumland Gardens which had many bright flowering plants and multi-coloured borders. The Walled Garden was looking resplendent and the walk by the Burn to the Waterfall was a mass of greens and browns with some interesting Fungi .There were just endless photo opportunities .The Midges started attacking so a hasty retreat to the picnic bench by the Pier was arranged and lunch taken .We then moved over the road ,firstly for a little Retail Therapy for some, at the Craft Hub and followed up with Coffee in the Pub.
The photos of Orphir Round church were viewed .Despite the weather that day being rather misty, the photos were anything but. We had lots of Gravestones and Gravestone details ,flowers (artificial and real),seaweed caught on the barbed wire above the burn, stones on the beach with one that caught the attention of three photographers and was taken home by the leader. Most interesting was the Regimented rows of Gravestones, cut to letter box format by Yvonne ,that summed up the whole ethos of the place. Very interesting what can be taken on a day that seemed less than promising to start with .
"Events" produced a plethora of happenings .Prominent were the local Shows at Dounby and County,as well as Banchory and the Cathedral Flower Arrangement Show plus the Commonwealth Games .The most original photo was some very elegant Lady Golfers dressed as they would have been 125 years ago. Those Skirts must have got in way of their swings and putts something awful !
Thanks to all who contributed such a variety of excellent photos to the session .
Some of the members went on the early boat while 5 remained to continue taking photos in the improving conditions .We found a Rope Coo and a Whale's tail plus some very photogenic Cockerels (No, I didn't say Cocks, Winkie !) and Ducks.Then to Ian Hamilton Findlay's Bon Mot sculpture up on the cliffs, followed by a stop by the beach ,and around to the Midhowe Viewpoint .Further along, we went into Black Hammer Cairn and stopped for a quick picture of the Bike Hire sign, while trying to get the angle right to keep the tatty old caravan out of the frame. Finally, it was onto the ferry at the end of a lovely day. I am really looking forward to seeing all the photos from our real Photographic Expedition.
The next meet meeting is Wednesday 17th Sept at 1pm (not 2pm ) in St Margarets Hope to go to the Blacksmith's cottage and any where else in SMH you wish plus a trip to Olad's wood for Autumn colour. We may need to share cars to go there as is limited parking there I am told .Also I hope someone knows how to get there ! Tea and cakes in the Fossil Centre .
This month's project is "Light "in all its variations and meanings.
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