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by Richard Thomas - 21:22 on 25 July 2014


Members of the resumed group met yesterday (24 July) at the dig at the Ness of Brodgar followed by a little refreshment at the Stones Hotel where we had a very good discussion on the way forward. A copy of my understanding of what we talked about is below

I will now get ahead to set our next and subsequent meetings but meantime it would be helpful to have contributions from the members and from anyone else who is interested in what we are about to do.




These might be normally on the second Thursday afternoon each month but may be subject to variation because of accommodation, availability of speakers and ferry time tables


The Group aims to increase members’ understanding of archaeology through learning by sharing information, expertise and knowledge. Everyone has a contribution to make to this by their participation to growth of understanding. Members of the group have a wide range of interests and knowledge so, to ensure full involvement of all, the programme will reflect this diversity.

The objective is to achieve this through a variety of means:

Site visits

Talks and presentations

Hands on experience – digs and demonstrations

Reading, discussion and debate


Generally the archaeology of Orkney but with a clear look out with the county to parallel developments elsewhere



Mesolithic to the Neolithic

Neolithic to the Vikings

Pictish art

Neolithic art

Orkney in the wider context of pre-history

Military history

Members are also interested in broadening out the plans to include historic sites such as Dunrobbin and perhaps the clearance archaeology in Sutherland.


Site visits

Any digs where we can go as a group.

It’s possibly also worth thinking about a refresher tour of Brodgar/Stenness Stones and Barnhouse with the Rangers.

There is also interest in visits south preferably with the local U3As – Caithness, Inverness.

Potential to include Dunrobbin and perhaps the National Trust castles in Aberdeenshire for example


These will be scheduled during the winter/early spring but we do need to look at the OAS programme to avoid duplication.

Is there potential for group members to make presentations? I think Tim has a lot of photographs of Hadrian’s Wall for example.

Julie Gibson can be approached to talk on any specific area of interest and particularly the wider aspects of archaeology in Orkney and the interface with Historic Scotland on the Heart of Neolithic Orkney.

We could explore having a presentation on the Archives and what’s there; linkage with the museum.

It’s likely that members of the College staff and PhD/ MA students will also be prepared to talk to us on their own areas of study and interest.

Possible Group research work –once we get going we might look at taking on a research project. This is something the U3A nationally s keen to encourage. It might start if groups of members have specific interests that they might wish to collaborate on for example

Other developments

Any other areas of interest will be covered as they arise. These might include field walking, volunteering for digs and cataloguing.


Julie Gibson

Caroline Wickham-Jones

Ingrid Mainland (Bones)

Sarah Jane Gibbon (Orkney church history)

UHI students

Group members

Richard Thomas

25 July 2014

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