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by Richard Thomas - 11:18 on 12 June 2012


In thinking about how we might attract more members to the U3A, I have been wondering whether our title might act as deterrent to some folk.  Is it possible that the word ‘university’ is off-putting in that it implies a level of academic endeavour and perhaps formality?  We know that it’s not the case and clearly we are part of the University of the Third Age and can’t move away from it even if we wished.  It seems to me that if we were to give more publicity to our programme and to the activities of the groups, we could overcome a least some of the possible misconception about what we’re about.

Am I right about this or barking up the wrong tree?


Comment from Dave Woodcock at 09:43 on 13 June 2012.
I think that the whole of the name is a bit of a turn-off. Calling it a university always sounded a bit pretencious to me and the "third age" bit makes it sound as though it is only for those about to shuffle off this mortal coil.
I gather that there have been recent discussions about getting reports of group activities into "The Orcadian", I am sure that this would help to show what range of activities are catered for.
We also need to try and get some other groups up and running although I realise that it is not easy to get the initial support and organisation for new groups.
Maybe if we had posters with photos of the skydiving group it would help.
Comment from Rosemary Wrigley at 18:11 on 21 June 2012.
Perhaps you could make it clearer how people could join?
Comment from Richard Thomas at 11:39 on 22 June 2012.
Rosemary - thanks. I think we assume that folk will just be attracted by our advertised events and maybe by the posters we have up. I've spoken to folk I know to invite them along to a meeting and I'd be glad of any thoughts you have on this.
Comment from Kate at 09:30 on 28 June 2012.
I agree with Rosemary, make it clear we are lively folk, it's easy to contact us and join in. I make a point of all the free advertising available for the Amblers and would also be prepared to write through the paper - this could be free too. Would the committee approve?
Comment from Richard Thomas at 11:51 on 28 June 2012.
Kate, I think we certainly would. I will raise at the next meeting. Meantime any ideas and thoughts on publicising ourselves, our activities and our welcome gratefully received.

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