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by Effy - 17:28 on 06 October 2010
Larking about in Tankerness House gardens today. Cracking weather! Tea in the Community Centre, excellent as usual.
Comment from Tim Wright at 11:31 on 22 October 2010.
Luck was with the six of us as the sun came out just as we started our photographic trip around Kirkwall.We went our seperate ways and to meet at the Town Hall cafe at 3pm.Even though I have been around Kirkwall for 36 years I found a place I hadn't been to before the Bowling Green with good views of the Earls Palace plus a wander around the Peerie sea.Tea was duely taken with some terrific Equinox views including a full moon and lots of straw rolls too plus a good variety of Redland photos as well.
The next meeting is in 3 weeks on Wed 27th October at 2pm meeting at the Peir head in Stromness(by the fountain or in the Peir Arts centre if wet) to walk up the street and go to the Museum and the back to Julia's for tea.
The exercise theme this month is "Shadows".Keep Clicking,Tim
Comment from [email protected] at 10:27 on 24 October 2010.
In the recent "Work" competition at Orkney Camera Club the four U3A members that attend were very sucessful.Sally Mackintosh got a first and Highly commended,Effy Everiss got a first and second ,Jean Tulloch two seconds and Tim Wright three highly commmendeds.So out of 18 possible placings U3A members took nine.Well done to all .Tim
Comment from tim wright at 10:15 on 28 October 2010.
Six of us went to Stromness Museum to take photos yesterday and one inadvertently got left in the Pier gallery !! The rain stopped long enough for a few exterior shots then to Julia's for the all important tea.Great shots of "Shadows" especially by Sally.Good Variety around Kirkwall too.Next meeting 1st Dec at 2pm at Scapa Beach.Swimming trunks anyone ?
Comment from Liz Lea at 23:53 on 05 November 2010.
Swimming trunks??? I look forward to a wole page of underwater shots appearing on the photo pages!
Comment from tim wright at 11:03 on 01 December 2010.
The trip to Scapa was cancelled due to snowy conditions.We meet again at 2pm on 19th of Jan at Westbank ,St ola to look at 3 compilations of holiday photos of Australia,Nova Scotia,and Cyprus plus all important tea and cakes .Tim
Comment from Tim Wright at 20:37 on 19 January 2011.
A big thank you to Bunty, Chris and Richard for sharing their very different holiday experiences with us including the all important photos. Eight of us were kept amused and interested all afternoon with anecdotes and stories of their travels. Well done to you all.
The next meeting is at 2pm on Wed 16th and will be at Scapa by the Harbour office. If the weather is poor we will go into Kirkwall and go into the Orkney Museum. Tea will be in the town somewhere. We will decide on the day. The theme for the month will be "Weather ". Bring up to eight of your photos as there are no photos from todays session.
Keep clicking, Tim
Comment from Sally MacKintosh at 20:47 on 19 January 2011.
My thanks to Tim for adding his images of Cyprus to the mix as well as those from Canada, Australia and Switzerland. A really enjoyable afternoon was made even more splendid with Phyilida's cake and meringues! Thank you. Loved the posy of snowdrops on the table too.
Comment from Tim Wright at 20:19 on 17 February 2011.
Six intrepid souls made it to Scapa to be greeted by rain and a cold wind. Two went off and and saw nothing bar a Godwit with a tail while the others retreated to the warmth of the Orkney Museum and photos of the contents plus a view of a photographic exhibition by Celia Clark (Jack Macinnes's daughter). Tea was taken in the Town Hall and various photos of weather viewed from Antartica to Yesnaby and jolly good they were too in the main.
The next meeting is Wed 30 March at 2 pm at the Barnhouse Bird hide. This is behind the Standing Stones of Stenness down the path alongside them, past the Barnhouse Village excavation and keep going to the end of the path and you are at the bird hide. Effy is going to show us Digiscoping, taking photos with a combination of a compact digital camera and a telescope. Bring a compact if you have one, a telescope if you have one and a tripod. If not just bring your usual camera and take photos of the birds, stones and Barnhouse. Tea at the Standing Stones hotel afterwards.
The project this month is "Regeneration/Generation" (Bulbs coming up, wave machines, spring showing through etc)
Richard has agreed to say a few words at the AGM as I will not be there?
Keep clicking
Comment from Tim Wright at 22:04 on 30 March 2011.
Six of us went to the Barnhouse bird hide and we were glad to be there as it was cold and windy. Dafi duely instructed us in the art of digiscoping and with Sally's telescope as well we all had a go with varying results. A static subject on a less windy day would have been ideal but a few good photos of a swan were produced. The need for a stout tripod, a solid fix on the bird and no movement around on the hide floor would have improved results but it certainly beat the cost of a 600mm lens !! We then repaired to the Standing Stones hotel for tea, cakes and warmth. Photos from the museum were viewed as well as various types of Generation/Regeneration including some interesting Lebanon photos and bonking Bonxies -(not quite the generation we had in mind)!
The next meeting will be Wed 27th April at 2pm at Warbeth Beach. The project this month is "Easter". Easter Ross is allowed but we could not think of any places with easter in the name in Orkney. So go out there and prove me wrong.
Keep clicking, Tim

Comment from Tim Wright at 22:04 on 27 April 2011.
Seven of us finally met up on the Beach at Warbeth in bright sun and surf with mare's tails. Some had come round the shore from the cemetry( which was hosting an internment) and some had gone direct to the sand. Lots to photograph including the Ola (or its latest incarnation) birds and lots of patterns in the rock and on the sand and good views. Then we retired to Jean's house for wonderful cake and tea. There was a selection of Easter photos but it was a tough subject but well done by those who had tried.
The next meeting is on Wed 25th May at 2pm at Marwick Bay. Those who want can walk up to the Kitchiner Memorial, others can go to the Fishermens Huts. Tea will be somewhere nearby. The subject this month is" Dogs" and/or" Cats" or other pets. A few photos of this and a few of todays too next time and hope for the same weather again too.
Keep clicking, Tim

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