Nominating Committee News

July 2017

Well, that’s now almost six years since we became vacant and a lot seems to have happened in that time, both nationally and locally. As you most likely know, Stronsay was linked with Eday for many years but Presbytery have agreed that the best way forward is to link Eday with Sanday and have Stronsay as a charge on its own. Well, all the formalities have now been completed and we are again actively seeking a minister, although now as a part time (0.7 full time equivalent) post. A Nominating Committee (posh name for a peedie group of willing folk) consisting of Elsie, Shirley, Raymond, Viv and I have been appointed and tasked with finding us a new minister. Yes, no problem – there are only about 130 vacant charges at the moment so that shouldn’t be too difficult! On a more serious note, we are feeling very positive about this and believe there is someone out there waiting for a call – all we have to do is find them. We’re working on getting a Parish Profile prepared and deciding how best to advertise the vacancy so we do feel that things are on the move again.

We’re looking forward to having Alastair Gray and family back in the Manse and leading worship in early July and are also delighted to have Ali Pandian and family coming for a month late July/early August when Ali will be acting as Locum. This will give our local Worship leaders a well-deserved break and give them a chance to get the batteries charged.

Well, there’s nothing else to report at the moment so just keep praying for the right person to come along.

Ian Cooper  

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