Membership of Stromness Drama Club

Anyone who wishes to take part in any of our activities, in any form or role, must become a member and pay the current annual subscription fee - currently set at £10 for the 2023-24 financial year for those aged 18 and over, £5 for those aged 16 and 17 (Youth Members), and £3 for those aged 15 and under (Junior Members).

The current membership form and parental/carers consent form for under 18's are available in Microsoft Word format from the Documents section, or from our Secretary or Membership Secretary.

Stromness Drama Club takes your privacy seriously and for further information please refer to our Privacy Notice.

The details held for members will be checked with them by the Secretary and/or Membership Secretary each time a new production begins rehearsal, and if the information has changed substantially a new membership form will need to be completed. For a change in phone number or email address, the old information can simply be crossed out and the new details added.

What we expect

Stromness Drama Club wants you to enjoy its activities. We also expect a high standard of conduct and commitment. We ask that you be respectful to all members of the Club; listen to the person in charge of sessions and do as they ask; not distract others; arrive on time and be ready and willing to perform; focus on DRAMA and concentrate on what is going on; be good losers and dignified winners and be supportive to other members.

Subscriptions must be paid by all members before they can participate in activities run by Stromness Drama Club. The membership year runs from 1 October to 30 September.

What you can expect

The Club aims to treat everyone fairly, and to ensure that its members feel safe and comfortable during club activities. If you ever feel uncomfortable with what you are asked to do, or think you are unfairly treated, speak about it to the person in charge, or to any member of the committee.

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