Congratulations to Chessa on her award for your web site. It's a great site to keep a track of what you're all up to. Well done and hope to see you all at Xmas Open.
Posted by Eileen Spence on 31 October 2008
the weddings
weel weel,
who'd have thought it. our esteemed lady captain sneaked off an got married.Must say Lee, I'm delighted for you both.Was just thinkin, u know we have a Blink, so now we have a Kink, n a Link lol.OOOOOOOOOO i hope Kenny kens what he's let himsel in for. Anyway lookin forward to the pi--- up erm i mean hoolie on Sun. All the best to Brian and Helen as well. And we'll have a good old knees up when Corsie junior puts in an appearance. Good lord, can there be anymore good news.SGC is just brimmin wi it. Ha Ha we ken how to keep folk happy eh God bless ye all.I'm just cock a hoop., so godness knows how the rest o you are feelin. See ya Sunday. At the time of going to press, i dunno who won the golf, but if its any o ye .weel done.Mwoooooooooooooooooooooahhhhh Viv
Posted by viv henderson on 28 June 2008
website slgc
hello ladies of stromness, many congrats on your webpage hopefully it is keeping you all up to date with your own news and that of others. sorry not be visiting at the end of may i am going to the curtis cup, mayhap i will manage a visit later in the year . in the meantime good golfing to you all in 2008 read it roll it and hole it!!!!

Posted by mairi c orr on 14 April 2008
New Season
Hi Ladies,
well it's that time of year again - ditch the rotten banana's from your bag that have been there since Sept, try and find your shoes in the locker room, try to remember where you last left your trolley and dust the clubs ready for 2008!

Let's hope for a lovely summer with lots of sunshine and spectacular golf!

See you all on the green 'stuff'!!

Posted by Lee on 09 April 2008
Ida and Jen
The Orcadian saw fit not to print the latest update on the battle for supremacy in Saturday morning golf However, you can find it in LD Chippers reports, here on the website. I'll submit it again, next week. In thje meantime - let the battle rage on!
Posted by DeLille Diament on 02 November 2007
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Posted on 28 September 2007
web page
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Mel's up here
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Prince Charming....
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Caddies Corner
Posted on 12 February 2007
Good on Ye!
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