HMS Hampshire:  a Century of Myths

and Mysteries Unravelled

by James Irvine, Brian Budge, Jude Callister, Kevin Heath, Andrew Hollinrake, Issy Grieve, Keith Johnson, Neil Kermode, Michael Lowrey, Tom Muir, Emily Turton and Ben Wade

Now available from Orkney Heritage Society's online bookshop.

The book assembles hitherto unused contemporary evidence to explore the causes and circumstances of the loss of HMS Hampshire on 5 June 1916 and to the associated myths and mysteries. 

It includes:

  • the new Roll of Honour,

  • accounts of Hampshire, Lord Kitchener and the mission to Russia,

  • the rescue efforts and associated rumours and outrage,

  • the conspiracy theories,

  • the minelaying and minesweeping operations,

  • the loss of HM Drifter Laurel Crown,

  • the Kitchener Memorial,

  • the diving expeditions on the wreck, the artefacts,

  • the Centenary Events, and

  • notes on the survivors and many of the men who lost their lives. 

A4 120-page illustrated case-bound book. £25, plus postage & packing.  All proceeds, including authors’ royalties, will go to the Orkney Heritage Society for the Kitchener Memorial Refurbishment Project.


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