Put simply, volunteering provides an opportunity to work and interact with people from different walks of life, while providing valuable lessons in teamwork, leadership, and commitment to something above and beyond our daily existence.

Volunteering is the practice of working on behalf of others without being motivated by financial or material gain. In order to accomplish their goals, Charitable Organisations and Social Enterprises rely upon the efforts of volunteer staff.

Through volunteering and helping others, volunteers find that they often help themselves in a variety of ways. Volunteers can gain confidence, get the chance to try something new, learn new skills, make new social contact and get a real sense of achievement. If any of this interests you, then please get in touch!

People of all ages and backgrounds undertake volunteering for a variety of reasons. Some have spare time, and want to give something back to their community. Many have a wide variety of skills, which they can apply to volunteering. Others are interested in a change of career, and see volunteering as a way to explore their suitability to a particular type of work.

Volunteering can help you integrate into your community. If you’ve been isolated for any reason, been made redundant, or are unemployed, you can show a prospective employer that you have been active with your time by volunteering. Also, the organisation where you have been volunteering should be able to help you supply references for future employment. Whilst volunteering should not affect your benefits, you should always inform your benefit agency.

At Employability Orkney, volunteers can access our free Supported Employment service.

If you wish to volunteer, or would like more details,
please phone 876 605 or pop in to Restart Orkney.

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