46 anglers, including 39 visitors, fished the championships over Thursday, Friday & Saturday last week in weather which was certainly challenging. Once again ’catch and release’ was used with a points system, and anglers were drawn on different boats each day. Five boats were involved : ‘Charles Ann’ owned and skippered by Harvey Groat ;‘Girl Kilda’ owned by Neil Matheson and skippered by Mr Tea and crewed by Graeme Anderson;‘Crusader’ owned and skippered by Kenny Peace and crewed by Johnny Weir;‘Honestas' owned and skippered by Ben & Bruce Wilcox; and ‘Welcome Home’ owned by OISAA and skippered by Ronnie Tait and crewed by Arthur Cook.

Thursday 11th September:
The day started with very strong south-east winds, but at least it stayed dry. All boats went south to the lee at St. John‘s Head. Once out of this shelter, boats were drifting at an unfishable 3.5 knots. Girl Kilda fitted a rope from the wheelhouse ceiling for the skipper to hold on to!
Catches were mainly ling, cod and some pollack.
Top points: 1 Donald Morrison (135) 2 Robbie Robertson (120) 3 Mark Duncan (96).
Heaviest Fish: 1 Joe Connolly (Ling 5.1kg) 2 Derek Yuille (Pollack 4.05kg)
Best Junior: Mark Laurenson (61)
Total Number of Fish - 386

Friday 12th September: Ling & Cod only
Light south-east wind and warm conditions encouraged boats further south, with Charles Ann & Girl Kilda trying The Berry where a great fish was found using a pirk. Others tried the Yellow Kist and the Snook. Fishing stopped on the ‘Honestas’ at The old Man when a Basking Shark swam slowly past, white mouth wide open.
Top points: 1 Derek Yuille (99) 2 Peter Redshaw (81) 3 Roy Anderson (62).
Heaviest Fish: 1 George Brown (Cod 8.25kg) 2 Scott Gibson (Ling 4.9kg)
Best Junior: Mark Laurenson (28)
Total Number of Fish - 221

Photo of Basking Shark from Honesta by Nikki Thompson 

Saturday 13th September:
A strong south-east wind and heavy afternoon rain didn’t stop boats venturing both north and south, with ‘Welcome Home’ trying Skaill, and the Crusader at the waterfall at Rackwick before seeking the shelter of St. John‘s Head to finish.
Top points: 1 Robbie Robertson (166) 2 Roy Anderson (82) 3 Mark Duncan(77)
Heaviest Fish: 1 Scott Gibson (Ling 4.65kg) 2 Willy Orrock (Ling 3.85kg)
Best Junior: Mark Laurenson (29)
Total Number of Fish - 387

Top points : Overall Champion -1st Peter Redshaw; 2nd Mark Duncan; 3rd Derek Yuille
Overall Heaviest Fish: 1st George Brown (Cod 8.25kg) 2nd Joe Connolly (Ling 5.1kg) 3rd Scott Gibson (Ling 4.9kg)
Best Lady Angler : Nikki Thompson
Best Junior : 1st Mark Laurenson 2nd Paul Firth
Best Specimen Fish : George Brown - Cuckoo Wrasse (0.713kg - 52.3% of Scottish Record)
Best Senior : R. Graham Forbes Best Local Angler : Roy Anderson
Best Individual Score : Robbie Robertson 166 points - Johnny Duncan Trophy
Best Skipper (Over three days) : Terry Todd (Girl Kilda) - Dan Mackay Trophy
First 2-man Team : David Proudfoot & Derek Yuille - Oldershaw Shield & David P. Wilson Cup
First 4-man Team : David Proudfoot, Derek Yuille, Peter Redshaw, Donald Morrison - Norland Trophy
Total Number of Qualifying Fish Caught - 994 (Average 22 fish an angler)

ORKNEY PRIZES 2007 - 2008
Best local Angler over 4 Days - Paul Firth - Scottish & Newcastle Brewers Cup
Best local Angler over 2 Days - Roy Anderson - W. E. Knight Cup
Best Individual Basket on any one day - Ken O‘Connor - David Goldsmith Memorial Quaich
Heaviest Fish of the year - Ken O‘Connor (Ling 15lb 2oz) - The Whales Tooth Trophy
Best Junior - Paul Firth
The boat skippers each will receive a bottle as a thank you for their great work.
Mrs. Jean Geddes presented the fishing tackle prizes supplied by Aurora Jewellery on Saturday evening. The Stromness Hotel followed this with a great carvery/buffet dinner and thanks must go to both for all their help again this year. Thanks also go to Mr. Davie Guthrie for this excellent score calculator, to Mrs. Inga Rendall for hospitality on the pier, and the patient Orkney Fisherman’s Society for the use of ‘The Lobster Pond’ for the weigh-in.
Dates for 2009 have now been chosen as 10, 11,& 12 September 2009 - for your diaries.

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