Forty five anglers fished the championships over three days. Six boats were used: Girl Mina, owned and skippered by Terry Todd; Girl Kilda, owned and skippered by Neil Mathieson; Charlie Says, owned and skippered by Alistair Wallbank; Charles-Ann, owned and skippered by Harvey Groat; Bounteous Sea, owned and skippered by Mervyn Pirie; Welcome home, owned by the OISAA, and skippered by Eoin Rendall.

Thursday, September 9: In calm weather all but one of the boats fished the Face of Hoy. The exception being the Welcome Home which went north to Marwick. The fishing was excellent, with ling, cod, lythe and a few ballan wrasse.
Heaviest catch:1 Tommy Barr (158lb 11oz); 2 Roy Anderson (150lb 10oz).
Heaviest Fish: 1 R.B. Coles (17lb 11oz cod); 2 Gary Holland (13lb 13oz ling)
Best Junior: Mark Laurenson (51lb 13oz)
Total Weight: 2,781lb (average 64lb 11oz/angler)

Friday, September 10: Today for a change was "ling and cod day", lythe in particular being returned. the weather was also fine and all boats fished the Face, with the Bounteous Sea travelling as far as the Berry. Again, the fishing was excellent, but the weights were down because of the species restriction.
Heaviest catch: 1 Willie Orrock (65lb 4oz);2 Jimmy Smith (60lb 7oz)
Heaviest fish: 1 Boyd Livingstone (16lb 11 oz ling); 2 Billy Blance (12lb 4oz ling)
Best Junior: Graham Sinclair (8lb 3oz)
Total Weight: 1,343lb 3oz (average 31lb 4oz/angler)

Saturday, September 11: The weather was fairly calm, if a little wet. The Girl Kilda went north to Yesnaby, the others fishing the Face with the Charlie Says going as far south as th Berry. The catches were similar to day one with the addition of a lesser spotted dogfish and a dab.
Heaviest catch: 1 Jimmy Smith (163lb 9oz); 2 Derek Yuille (158lb 8oz)
Heaviest fish: 1 Joe Connolly (11lb 14oz lythe ); 2 Dan Mackay (10lb 12oz ling)
Best Junior: Mark Laurenson (92lb 1oz)
Total weight: 3,121lb 1oz (72lb 9oz/angler)

Heaviest catch:1 Willie Orrock (318lb 9oz);2 Tommy Barr (302lb 14oz);3 Derek Yuille (298lb 15oz).
Heaviest Fish: R.B. Coles (17lb 11oz cod);2 Boyd Livingstone (16lb 11 oz ling);3 Gary Holland (13lb 13oz ling).
Best Lady Angler: Gill Smyth (245lb 14oz)
Best Junior: 1 Mark Laurenson (149lb 13oz); 2 Graham Sinclair (59lb 2oz)
Best Specimen Fish: R.B. Coles (17lb 11oz cod)
Best Senior Angler: R.G. Forbes (231lb 5oz)
Best Local Angler: Roy Anderson (283lb 1oz)
Best Individual Basket: Jimmy Smith (163lb 9oz)(on any one day)
Pot-luck pairs: George Brown/Boyd Livingstone
Best Boat Skipper: Alistair Wallbank (Charlie Says)
Total weight: 7,245lb 4oz (average 168lb 8oz/angler)
First two person team: Gill Smyth & Tommy Barr (548lb 12oz)
First four person team: Robbie Robertson, Howard Foster, Jimmy Smith & Ian McGrath (895lb 1oz)


Heaviest Fish : R.B. Coles

The prizes were presented by Mr. Colin Keldie on behalf of VisitOrkney

(Results compiled by Mr. John Geddes)

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