2024 update.

The club has completed the Welcome Home anual refit and started their anual compatitions and angling trips.  

Welcome aboard hope you enjoy your trip

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Busy day for the skipper, ninety nine selected keepers landed, gutted and kept cool for the boys to fillet on the way home. Well done lads you had a busy day too. 03-08-2014.

OFS work outing 17-10-2013

Cod for Tea!


Roy Anderson one of the club skippers with a personal best Common Skate 229lb. Caught, measured, tagged and released on 13-06-2012.



Jocky Robertson showing that he is the King of Ling


SEA ANGLING IN ORKNEY consists mostly of
rough ground fishing for Cod and Ling with
Pollack caught closer in or over the shelves. There are also species such as Torsk and Wolf Fish which inhabit our northern waters.   

There is also clean ground fishing for flat fish
such as Dab and Skate where Lesser Spotted
Dogfish and Spur-dog may also appear.
If the weather is unsuitable to fish out west
there is also wreck fishing in the shelter of
Scapa Flow which can produce sizeable
Cod, Ling, Pollack and Coalfish.
There are also Conger on the wrecks but they would
have to be specifically rigged and fished for, with best results at anchor.



Berty Robertson with a Torsk, these fish are fairly rare and are usually found in waters further to the north of Orkney, this fish was caught on the wreck of HMS Hampshire.


Our suggested tackle for the beginner
would consist of a 6ft to 7ft, 20-30lb class boat rod
with a good multiplier reel which would
be loaded with 30-50lb Braid.
However an equal breaking strain monofilament
line would do equally well. This strength of line is to withstand abrasion from rocks.
A medium sized Hokkai rig is a good
all-round trace to start with, and will catch
most of the common species. A trace
of Tinsel Lures fishes well for Mackerel
and Haddock and also will catch Cod and Ling if baited with mackerel.
It would be worthwhile bringing along a
selection of weights from 6oz to 1.5lb and
these would suit most areas and states
of stronger tides. You would only require the heavier
weights if fishing the deeper marks during
strong tides.


Alasdair Campbell with a nice Cod caught in May 2009

There is more to fishing than just catching fish. Below is a Basking Shark which are seen every year during the summer months, we also regularly see, Killer Whales, Minke whales, seals, sun fish, porpoises and dolphins. Not to mention the host of birdlife inhabiting the cliff faces. 



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